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Doepfer A-100C80T 3.5mm Male Mono Eurorack Modular Patch Cable (transparent, 80cm)
Cat: 769128 Rel: 17 Jul 20
Modular patch cable
Notes: Patch cable for modular synthesizer 80 cm, transparent, mono jack plug 3.5 mm at each end.
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Doepfer A-130-8 Octal Linear VCA Module
Cat: 765896 Rel: 28 Jul 20
linear VCA module
Notes: Module A-130-8 contains eight linear voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs). Each VCA features a control voltage input (CV), a signal input (In) and a signal output (Out). In addition three mixers are included: the socket labelled "1-4" outputs the sum of the VCAs 1-4, the socket labelled "5-8" outputs the sum of the VCAs 5-8, the socket labelled "1-8" outputs the sum of all eight VCAs.

The signal inputs are able to process levels up to 10Vpp without clipping. Each CV input is equipped with a trimming potentiometer that is used to adjust the sensitivity of the CV input in question. In the factory the module is adjusted for the CV range 1...+5V but can be re-adjusted by the user for other control voltage ranges (e.g. 0...+10V).

The amplification range for each single VCA is 0...1. The signals of the sum outputs have a lower amplification to avoid distortion.

The VCAs and mixers are fully DC coupled, i.e. the module can be used for the processing of both audio and control voltage signals. The control voltage and signal inputs can be normalled by means of small solder pads (e.g. 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 and so on, or 1 > 5, 2 > 6, 3 > 7, 4 > 8 for the stereo application mentioned below).

Typical applications:
any kind of VCA application (e.g. voltage controlled attenuation of audio or control voltage signals)
two voltage controlled mixers with four channels each
voltage controlled stereo mixer with four channels each, for this the control voltage inputs have to be correspondingly patched or internally normalled: CV1=CV5 /CV 2=CV6 / CV3=CV7 / CV4=CV8
voltage controlled mixer with eight channels
add-on for the planned Joystick module A-174-4

HP : 6
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quote 765896
Doepfer A-133-2 Dual Voltage Controlled VCA/Polarizer/Inverter/Ring Modulator Module
Cat: 765897 Rel: 28 Jul 20
VCA/polarizer/inverter/ring modulator module
Notes: A-133-2 is the slim version of the A-133 but has some additional features and improvements available compared to the A-133.

Module A-133-2 can be used for a lot of applications: as a simple VCA, or a voltage controlled polarizer/attuverter, or a voltage controlled inverter up to a DC coupled ring modulator. In principle the module contains two special voltage controlled amplifiers (VCAs) that allow both positive and negative amplification.

The overall amplification is definded by the sum of the voltage generated by the Man control, the external control voltage CV and the position of the CV control which works as an attenuator for the external control voltage. Without external CV the amplification is +1 when the Man control is fully CW. In the center position the amplification is zero and fully CCW it's -1 (i.e. the incoming signal is inverted). By means of the external control voltage CV the manually adjusted amplification can be modulated. CV can be both positive or negative (i.e. bipolar) to obtain positive or negative amplification values controlled by the external CV.

In addition the CV signal can be modulated via the modulation control input Mod by means of another control voltage. The Mod socket is normalled to +5V, i.e. a constant positive voltage is used as modulation CV provided that no plug is inserted into the Mod socket.

The current amplification is displayed by a dual color LED (note: it's not a signal display but indicates the amplification, probably yellow = positive amplification, red = negative amplification)
Application examples:
voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) with pure positive overall amplification (Man + CV)
voltage controlled inverter with pure negative overall amplification (Man + CV)
voltage controlled polarizer/attuverter overall amplification changing between positive and negative (Man + CV)
DC coupled ring modulator with offset feature, the "classical" ring modulator corresponds to Man=0 and symmetrical audio signals for In and CV
additional effects by means of the modulation feature of the CV signal (using the Mod input)
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Doepfer A-138nv Narrow Mixer Module (vintage edition)
Cat: 760211 Rel: 06 Mar 20
synth module
Notes: Compact and simple four-input mixer module from Uncle Dieter. Linear pots make it suited to mixing CV signals but it can also handle audio. Mixed signal hard-wired to two sockets.

Supplier notes:
Module A-138n is a simple four channel mixer, which can be used with either control voltages or audio signals. Each of the four inputs has an attenuator available. The output is twice available (two sockets, hard-wired like a multiple).

HP : 4
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Doepfer A-145-4v Quad LFO Low Frequency Oscillator Module (vintage edition)
Notes: Module A-145-4 is a simple quad LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). Not a very "exciting" module, just a bread-and-butter device and a simple demon for work. Virtually in every modular system several LFOs are required for modulation purposes. The module contains four simple LFOs with the waveforms triangle and rectangle. A dual colour LED (red = positive / yellow = negative output voltage) indicates the triangle output of each LFO. The frequency range can be chosen for each LFO individually by means of a jumper between about 50 Hz ... 0.04 Hz (about 20 seconds, jumper removed) and about 2Hz ... 0.002 (about 8 minutes, jumper installed).

The module can be treated as a slimmed version of the quad LFO A-143-3 as it has similar features available. But the distances between the controls are smaller and rubberized small-sized knobs are used. In return the front panel has 4 HP only which is less than one third of the A-143-3. The module is primarily planned for applications where only limited space is available. The functional difference compared to the A-143-3 are the missing sawtooth outputs and frequency range switches.
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Doepfer A-183-4 Quad Level Shifter Module
Cat: 765895 Rel: 28 Jul 20
Level shifter module
Notes: Module A-183-4 is a fourfold level shifter. A level shifter is required if the level of a digital control signal has to be increased or decreased. A typical application is the conversion of a gate, trigger or clock signal with +5V voltage level (tolerance range +2...+5V) to +12 voltage level. The output voltage level can be set by means of a jumper to +12V or +5V. The factory setting is +12V. But it can be changed to convert also a higher to a lower level (e.g. +12V to +5V). But this application is required rarely. The output level setting by means of the jumper is global, i.e. it is valid for all four units and cannot be set individually for each unit. The four output signals are displayed by means of LEDs.

The outputs and inputs of the four sub-units are normalled via the switching contacts of the input sockets, i.e. the output signal of the upper unit is used as input signal of the unit below provided that no patch cable is inserted into the input socket of the lower unit. That way the module can be used also as clock/trigger/gate buffer or buffered multiple for digital signals. For this the signal that has to be buffered is connected to input 1. The buffered (and possible level shifted) signal appears then at all four outputs.
Voltage thresholds for the input voltages:
voltages below +0,8 V are treated as "low"
voltages above +3 V are treated as "high"

Typical applications:

Converting the levels of digital control signals (e.g. gate, trigger, clock) to another voltage level (+12V or +5V)
buffering and duplicating digital control signals (e.g. gate, trigger, clock)

Important note: the module cannot be used for analog signals.
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