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Cat: 7 DPROMS 139. Rel: 02 May 18
  1. Deep State (3:10)
  2. Tohoku Manga (3:37)
 in stock $7.08
Volume 3 (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: DPROMLP 106. Rel: 12 Mar 14
  1. Vaudou Take Me High
  2. Krokodilo Theme
  3. Immersion
  4. Erzulie D'en Tort
  5. Witness The Spread Of The Dream
  6. No Spare No Soul
  7. Kongo
  8. Madwoman
Review: William Bennett's Cut Hands project originally debuted at the end of 2011 with volumes 1 & 2 of his Afro Noise series, recomposing African rhythms into the framework of industrial techno, noise and ambient music. Catching the ear of both Karl O'Connor and Kiran Sande, Bennett has since released on their respective Downwards and Blackest Ever Black labels as well as putting out the Black Mamba album on Susan Lawly in 2012. This Volume 3 of the series features reworked and remastered versions of previously released vinyl tracks like "Madwoman" and "Immersion", as well as tracks from the Black Mamba CD not yet released on wax.
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 in stock $12.84
Volume 4 (heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: DPROMLP 107. Rel: 12 Mar 14
  1. Eat Them Like Bread
  2. El Paco Mayombe
  3. Black Mamba
  4. Inchantment
  5. River Mumma
  6. 54 Needles
  7. Nzambi Ia Ngonde
  8. Nine Night
Review: Continuing William Bennett's self-styled "afro-noise" project, Volume 4 of his Cut Hands material presents eight more reworked and remastered tracks previously available on his Black Mamba CD and material from records released on Downwards and Blackest Ever Black. Although tracks like "Eat Them Like Bread", "Inchantment" and "Nine Night" all see him in a number of rhythmic moods, "El Paco Mayombe", "Nzambi la Ngonde" and "River Mumma" take a more eerie, ambient approach that shows there's more to Bennett's project than just searing industrial-inspired drums.
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 in stock $12.84
Cat: DPROMEP 110. Rel: 31 May 16
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. A Million Infant Breaths (7:42)
  2. Master Of The Universe (10:36)
 in stock $11.79
Cat: DPROMDCD 140. Rel: 25 May 18
  1. Cooloorta Moon Creakiness
  2. Hair, Fur & Twiggs Jameson/Delilah's Lap/Creakiness/Admirals Of The Blim/Electric Fretum Attachment
  3. I Am The Poison
  4. Swamp Rat
  5. A Piece Of The Sky Is Missing
  6. Nil By Mouth
  7. Brained (Unconscius mix)
  8. Bearded Lady
  9. Odd
  10. Aquarium
  11. Dirty Fingernails
  12. Sheila Na Gig
  13. Red Flipper
  14. Head Cold
  15. Scapegoat
  16. Cranke
  17. Wisecrack
  18. Glory Hole
  19. Brained
 in stock $12.06
Cat: DPROMCD 138. Rel: 02 Nov 18
  1. Hallelujah TNB
  2. TNB Amen
  3. And
Review: Despite racking up over a century of solo and collaborative albums since debuting the Nurse With Wound project in 1979, Steven Stapleton shows no signs of slowing down, and continues to provide "sinister whimsy to the wretched". His latest album-length missive offers a radical re-imagining of "Changez Les Blockeurs" by The New Blockaders, a near legendary 1982 album that's long been regarded as one of the noise scene's touchstone releases (for the record, Stapleton was the first person ever to purchase a copy). Featuring three long, unsettling workouts built around dark ambient textures, occasional melodic refrains and plentiful loops of discordant, often industrial field recordings, the album is impressively absorbing and otherworldly despite its deliberately obtuse ethos.
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 in stock $12.84
Cat: DPROMCD 129. Rel: 25 Nov 16
  1. Within An Unreliable Narration
  2. He Found Himself Facing His Painful Reality
  3. Without Subterfuge Or Cosmetic Disguise
  4. Or Was It A Delusion Of Fury
  5. Before
  6. An Unexpected Causal Reversal
  7. Let Him End Up
  8. In Narrative Loops
 in stock $7.19
The Threats Of Memories Double
Cat: DPROMDLP 141. Rel: 11 Jan 19
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coming soon $25.69
Cat: DPROMCD 132. Rel: 08 Sep 17
  1. Qluster - "Jaki3"
  2. Asmus Tietchens - "Soltau Mitte"
  3. V!V!V! - "K"
  4. Haricot Massacre - "Section Sign"
  5. Giardini - "Der Pfad"
  6. Ronny Waernes - "Schiphorst Rumble"
  7. Ved - "The Leucistic Rook"
  8. Nurse With Wound - "Bottom Feeder" (Joe Meek Memorial Barbecue mix)
  9. Octopus Ride - "Things Will Never Be The Same"
  10. Exo//Endo - "The Working Hour"
  11. Dieter Bornzero Bornschlegel - "Back 2 Paradise"
  12. Psykisk Tortur - "Malstroem"
  13. Blood Oath - "Darkness Devours The Night"
  14. Faust - "Ich Bin Dein Hund"
  15. Friederike Jager - "Crush"
  16. Ernsthafte Angelegenheiten - "Der Beste Song Der Welt"
 in stock $6.74
Cat: DPROMDLP 135. Rel: 21 Sep 18
  1. Hungry For Pain (6:41)
  2. Thank Your Lucky Stars (5:28)
  3. Try & Be Grateful (4:46)
  4. My Cock's On Fire (new version) (4:33)
  5. Neronia (5:14)
  6. Sadist (6:15)
  7. Still Going Strong (4:42)
  8. My Cock's On Fire (long version) (13:34)
 in stock $21.75
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