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Dial Germany Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Dial Germany
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La Collectionneuse
Cat: DIALLP 046. Rel: 01 Feb 23
Deep House
La Collectionneuse I (6:49)
La Collectionneuse II (7:13)
La Collectionneuse III (6:05)
La Collectionneuse IV (6:50)
La Collectionneuse V (8:47)
La Collectionneuse VI (6:24)
La Collectionneuse VII (6:07)
La Collectionneuse VIII (5:30)
La Collectionneuse IX (5:43)
La Collectionneuse X (5:29)
Review: Carsten Jost is the DJ and Producer alias of David Lieske, co-founder of Dial Records. His latest collection of functional, ultra-utilitarian techno tracks here is essentially a slew of music for Moon exploration. Peaceful, raw and wonky techno tunes with a blue temperament are firmly arranged across 10 portions of wax; all carry the comparative sense of having less gravity weighing them down than techno made on Earth; it's techno made at 1.62 m/s² compared to our 9.807. Standouts include the alien voice cameos on 'IV' and the subterranean cave excursion that is 'VII'.
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 in stock $34.51
Petrovo Uho
Petrovo Uho (2xLP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: DIALLP 047. Rel: 07 Jun 23
Tramuntana (7:05)
Uspon (6:38)
Odsjaj (6:14)
Bura (7:19)
Katamaran (6:46)
Ludilo (7:04)
Tohatsu (7:07)
Oluja (7:56)
Review: Swiss producer Ben Kaczor joins Dial for the release of his new album Petrovo Uho, an 11 track opus that comes hot n the heels of his last album only back in April, Sun Chapter One. He taps into the classic sound of Dial here with bottomless and heady depths. The artist says a trip to Dubrovnik in summer had a big influence on the album as he was inspired by the sound of a foreign language and tried to reflect the sounds and atmosphere of the trip in the music here. There are just 250 copies of this so move quickly.
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 in stock $37.16
Something Is Missing (reissue)
Cat: DIALTP 01. Rel: 12 Apr 21
Room One (13:46)
Room Two (13:41)
Room Three (9:00)
Room Four (7:21)
Room Five (31:17)
 in stock $13.55
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