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Demon Singles Club Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Demon Singles Club
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Tibetian Serenity
Tibetian Serenity (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 027. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Tibetian Serenity (5:16)
Autumn Jewel (3:26)
After The Storm (4:27)
Review: The Demon Singles Club has been digging deep again and this time they have unearthed a trio of delights from Travis Biggs. Biggs played the keys with Isaac Hayes towards the end of the 70s when Hayes was playing with disco sound. During that same era, Biggs went it alone on a pair synth laced and spaced out albums 1976's Challenge, on TB&C, and 1979's Solar Funk, on MCA subsidiary Source. The trio of cuts on this 12" come from the latter of those two - one of them will be particularly recognisable to J Dilla fans for the famous beatmaker sampled it quite famously.
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 in stock $14.38
Let's Do It
Cat: DEMSING 025. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Let's Do It (3:32)
All I Want Is You (3:49)
Review: Leroy Burgess had already left a huge mark on Black American music by the time the 80s rolled around thanks to his part in Black Ivory alongside Patrick Adams, but he was about to hit on a purple patch of productivity scattered with one-shot gems like Convertion. The project was a family affair featuring the likes of his adopted brother James Calloway on bass, his cousin Sonny T. Davenport on drums and his sisters Renee J.J. Burgess and Dorothy Terrell on backing vocals. The lead track they recorded, 'Let's Do It', is a prime slice from 1981, in the years of transition from disco to boogies and it sounds as great as it did back then. The original B-side of the split release, a mellow ballad by Four Flights entitled 'All I Want Is You', is present and correct on this reissue from Demon Singles Club too.
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Played by: Saucy Lady
 in stock $14.63
Woman Of The Ghetto
Woman Of The Ghetto (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 031. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Doris Duke - "Woman Of The Ghetto" (7:31)
Rhyze - "Free" (4:42)
Review: The Demons Singles Club is back with more devilishly good funk here in the form of Doris Duke's version of Marlena Shaw's 'Woman Of The Ghetto.' It first appeared on her 1975 alum Woman and is a searing take with full-bodied vocals full of fire. It's an urgent sound that adds weight to the social commentary of the lyrics and the b-side tune from Rhyze is just as essential. 'Fire' is a massive disco cut with stomping drums, funky bass riffs and plenty of noodling guitar riffs that make it effervesce.
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Played by: DJ ROCCA
 in stock $13.78
Days Like This
Cat: DEMSING 008. Rel: 05 May 23
Days Like This (DJ Spinna & Ticklah club mix) (5:27)
Days Like This (K-klass club mix) (7:07)
Space Rider (MJ Cole vocal mix) (5:09)
Days Like This (Spen & Karizma main mix) (9:26)
Review: It is fair to say that Demon Singles Club has another top nugget on vinyl here. 'Days Like This' by Shaun Escoffrey is a proper good slice of modern house music and it gets remixed here by top dogs Spen & Karizma, MJ Cole and DJ Spinna. This reissue of the 2002 original has been remastered by Phil Kinrade at Alchemy Mastering with the new remixes including the first-ever vinyl appearance of the MJ Cole contribution. There is lots to love in each of these with all of them being standouts and perfect for playing as the days warm up.
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 in stock $13.34
Ruffneck (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 006. Rel: 05 May 23
Ruffneck (album version) (5:42)
B-boy Stance (feat Tenor Fly) (4:40)
Warning (4:59)
Here We Go (4:56)
Review: Demon Singles Club's latest addition to their fantastic catalogue comes in the form of a re-issue of Freestylers' 'Ruffneck' EP. Formed in 1996, when DJs and producers Matt Canro and Aston Harvey made the wise decision to join forces, the duo went on to release their now iconic debut album We Rock Hard on legendary imprint, Freskanova. Met with quick critical acclaim, We Rock Hard became the duo's most commercially successful release to date. This latest release, 'Ruffneck', cherry picks four standout tracks from the hit-studded album. 'B-Boy Stance', 'Ruffneck', 'Here We Go', and 'Warning' are a journey through classic big beat and breakbeat electronica, which has remained the band's trademark sound to this day. Also including the original artwork, this is a thoughtful ode to the duo's boundary-pushing work.
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 in stock $12.40
Closer Than Close
Cat: DEMSING 001. Rel: 28 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Closer Than Close (3:46)
Closer Than Close (Mentor club mix) (7:31)
Closer Than Close (Tuff Jams Even Closer) (7:01)
Closer Than Close (Frankie Classic club mix) (10:20)
Review: Rosie Gaines will also be synonymous with her smash hit single 'Closer Than Close' (also the name of her fifth album) which now gets reissued by the Demon Record Singles Club. Gaines actually started her career back in 1985 when she perfumed and recorded with The Curtis Ohlson Band but it was when she was a member of Prince & The New Power Generation that she really got noticed. Her Closer Than Close album came in 1995 and soon after she was dropped by Motown, but a remix of the title track a year so so later arrived in club land on bootleg and sold over eight million copies around the world.
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 in stock $13.59
Just A Groove
Cat: DEMSING 024. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Just A Groove (3:04)
We've Got To Make It (3:30)
Review: The Demon Singles Club series continues to offer-up classic disco and boogie cuts on 7" singles. For the series' latest release, they've once again mined the vaults of the iconic SAM Records imprint, emerging with the 1980 debut single from Glen Adams Affair. A-side 'Just A Groove' is a genuine boogie-era disco classic - a Clavinet heavy, B-boy and B-girl friendly workout rich in rubbery disco bass, sustained piano motifs, crunchy drums and a typically celebratory lead vocal, whose lyrics extol the joys of a 'groove to make you move'. Over on the flip side you'll find original B-side 'We've Got To Make It', a pleasingly up-tempo, flash-fried disco-funk floor filler that makes great use of heady slap bass and spacey synths.
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Tags: Disco Funk
 in stock $11.02
Feel Alright
Cat: DEMSING 029. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Feel Alright (4:02)
Feel Alright (instrumental) (3:57)
Review: For the 29th instalment in their ongoing series of seven-inch singles, Demon Singles Club has decided to offer up a 45rpm pressing of Komiko's 'Feel Alright'. First released on legendary disco-boogie imprint SAM Records back in 1982, the track has long been a favourite with boogie DJs and with good reason. Built around a memorable bassline, squelchy electrofunk synths and unfussy machine drums, 'Feel Alright' boasts a fine female lead vocal whose lyrics extolls the virtues of dancing all night with happy strangers. As it did back in 1982, the vocal mix comes backed with an instrumental take in which producer Darryl Payne's killer bassline and synths rightfully take centre stage. If it's not in your collection already, you need to grab one of these copies pronto.
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 in stock $12.54
Prayin' (7")
Cat: DEMSING 026. Rel: 28 Jul 23
Prayin' (3:59)
Baby I'm Back (3:50)
Review: British label Demon Singles Club reissue two proper classic disco bits by the American soul group Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes: the original 1979 version of 'Prayin'', a gospel-inspired dancefloor anthem that was produced by Harold Melvin and written by John Whitehead and Gene McFadden, and the contemporaneous Blue Album highlight 'Baby I'm Back'. Both are awe-inspiring, rapturous dance fusions in the genre, cementing Melvin and co.'s legacy with a mood of teary-eyed joy.
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Tags: Soul Disco
 in stock $14.63
Mr Zero
Mr Zero (7")
Cat: DEMSING 011. Rel: 22 Sep 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Mr Zero (2:39)
Knowing (1:47)
Review: Keith Relf was best known as the frontman of The Yardbirds, but in 1966 he also released his first solo single 'Mr Zero'. Demon Records are heralding 60 years of The Yardbirds by launching a new series of 7" singles which go deep into the story of the iconic British blues rock band. American folk artist Bob Lind wrote the song, and Paul Samwell-Smith produced it, resulting in a baroque gem fronted by Relf's haunting vocal. The B side was written by Relf himself, and features Yardbirds main man Jeff Beck on guitar as well as Rick Jones.
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 in stock $15.43
Shapes In My Mind
Shapes In My Mind (7" in spot-varnished sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 012. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Shapes In My Mind (2:17)
Blue Sands (2:12)
 in stock $14.63
Just How Sweet Is Your Love
Cat: DEMSING 003. Rel: 05 May 23
Just How Sweet Is Your Love (3:20)
I Found Love In You (3:18)
Review: The small but already well formed Demon Singles Club has a couple of pearlers for you this month. This one from Jersey City, New Jersey disco and soul group Rhyze is an early 1980s classic that has become wroth a few quid over the years. The A-side tune 'Just How Sweet Is Your Love' is lush disco funk with gloriously golden grooves and silky chord work next to timeless hip-swinging disco drums and some lush Philly strong stabs. Add in horns and you have everything you need for the good times to flow. Flip it over for 'I Found Love In You' and more of the sort of heart warming sounds that bring real joy.
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 in stock $11.50
At The Party
Cat: DEMSING 028. Rel: 28 Jul 23
At The Party (2:57)
Do It To Me (2:57)
Review: Hector Rivera was a Puerto Rican singer and pianist best known for his boogaloo and Latin soul style. 'At The Party', the latest contribution by the Rivera estate to the 7" series Demon Singles Club, hears two cuts that debuted all the way back in 1966; two choice cuts from his contemporaneous album, At The Party With Hector Rivera. On 'At The Party' and 'Do It To Me', Rivera's charisma is evident, coming backed by a screw-tight band, with Bobby Valentin on bass and Louie Ramirez on vibes. Remastered by Phil Kinrade and presented in a 7" Discobag sleeve.
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 in stock $15.43
U Sure Do
U Sure Do (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 005. Rel: 05 May 23
Funky/Club House
Strike - "U Sure Do" (Guestlist mix) (7:23)
Strike - "U Sure Do" (Strike 7" mix) (3:48)
Lovestation - "Teardrops" (Flava 12" mix) (6:31)
Lovestation - "Teardrops" (Joey Negro mix) (8:10)
 in stock $15.43
So Young (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: DEMSING 017. Rel: 05 Jan 24
So Young
High Rising
Review: As part of a comprehensive reissue of Suede's early singles and albums - the songs which earned them the early 90s limelight - comes this reissued 7" picture-disc version of 'So Young' and 'High Rising'. Both featuring on the self-titled debut from 1993, these were but two of the tracks that contributed to Suede's rise to stardom, and which help to cement their impressive selling of 100,000 copies in their first week. Foreboding a full, newly-mastered edition of the album, these two throwbacks are a reminder of what makes a band great in its early incarnation.
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Stay Together (30th Anniversary Edition)
Cat: DEMSING 053. Rel: 16 Feb 24
Stay Together (edit)
The Living Dead
coming soon $14.63
Animal Nitrate (30th Anniversary Edition)
Animal Nitrate (30th Anniversary Edition) (limited 7" picture disc in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 016. Rel: 24 Nov 23
Animal Nitrate (3:17)
The Big Time (4:19)
Review: Released in March 1993, Suede's self-titled debut was a critical and commercial triumph, winning the prestigious Mercury Music Prize and hitting the #1 spot on the UK Album Chart. Featuring the classic singles 'The Drowners', 'Animal Nitrate', 'So Young', and 'Metal Mickey', 'Suede' sold 100,000 copies in its first week, making it the fastest-selling debut album ever in the UK at the time. So to celebrate its 30th anniversary, Edsel presents a newly-mastered run of Suede's foremost singles from the album, with 'Animal Nitrate' among them, here incarnated on a 7" picture disc. A titular reference to the muscle relaxant and inhalant drug amyl nitrite - that's poppers to you and me - the song is a blitzing homage to the substances on offer at their time, amid a climate of youth cynicism felt by the band at the time.
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 in stock $14.63
Metal Mickey (30th Anniversary Edition)
Metal Mickey (30th Anniversary Edition) (7" picture disc in die-cut sleeve)
Cat: DEMSING 015. Rel: 23 Oct 23
Metal Mickey (3:21)
Where The Pigs Don't Fly (5:36)
 in stock $14.63
The Key The Secret
The Key The Secret (limited 12")
Cat: DEMSING 007. Rel: 05 May 23
Funky/Club House
The Key The Secret (3:42)
High On A Happy Vibe (5:21)
Feels Like Heaven (3:31)
Spend The Day (3:48)
Review: Demon Records share a reissue of Urban Cookie Collective's 1994 mega-hit The Key, The Secret, adding three lesser-known cuts to the fore as well. The brainchild of one Rohan Heath, who founded the project in the late 1980s, Urban Cookie Collective amounted to a bewitching UK funky house formula, responsible for many a sort-of-underground hit. Not overproduced nor underproduced - cooked just right - 'The Key The Secret' is a prototypical example of uplifting UK-Euro house and synthpop, perhaps with hints of Italo disco thrown in courtesy of a sample from Glam's early 90s club stomper 'Hell's Party'. Meanwhile, B-side cuts 'Feels Like Heaven' continue to charm and bemuse with their completely earnest and unironic Euro-piano uplifts and motivational spirit.
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 in stock $12.40
Over Under Sideways Down
Cat: DEMSING 010. Rel: 18 Aug 23
Psych/Garage Rock
Over Under Sideways Down (2:23)
Jeff's Boogie (2:26)
Review: English blues rock group the Yardbirds released many a blues rock and psychedelic rock leg-swayer, and 'Over Under Sideways Down' from 1966 is a particular entry of note. Its songwriting is credited equally to all members of the group and it was a notable inclusion on the ensuing self-titled album. Inspired by the world famous rock 'n' roll anthem by Bill Haley and His Comets 'Rock Around The Clock', the guitar riff backboning this single could be considered the spark that lit the match of Jeff Beck's solo career, having later been described as a "flash of lightning" by bandmate Jim McCarty. It also went on to justify an early precursor to the instrumental B-side, 'Jeff's Boogie'.
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 in stock $13.34
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