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Cat: DSRC 13. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. The Blue Hour (8:05)
  2. Weltformel (5:02)
  3. Falling Into The Light (10:20)
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Cat: DSRD 4CD. Rel: 24 Nov 16
  1. Under This Sky
  2. Faux
  3. Everything At Once
  4. Sinem
  5. Lift
  6. Tennis
  7. Mother
  8. Gentle Boxes
  9. Hurry Home The Trees Are Finally Green
  10. Tanzmuzik
  11. She Dwells With Beauty
  12. White Rainbows
  13. Nine Sun
  14. A New Room
  15. Dream Lover!
  16. Spring Affect Him
  17. Bursting Bloom
Review: Over the last two decades, few electronica producers have amassed as impressive a discography as John Beltran. Whether crafting becalmed ambient pieces, evocative IDM tracks, or atmospheric dancefloor shufflers, the veteran producer always infuses his work with an atmospheric sense of time and place. Everything At Once, his speedy follow-up to last year's Espais, is another master class in delivering emotion-rich electronic music. Highlights abound, from the glistening, Artificial Intelligence-era Warp Records IDM of "Sinem", and droning mood-piece "Gentle Boxes", to the pitched-down rush of "Tanzmuzik" and future ambient jazz classic "Dream Lover".
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Cat: DSR D1LP1. Rel: 10 Dec 14
  1. Winter Flags - "Winterfall Winds"
  2. Reinehr - "Lung"
  3. Sons Of Melancholia - "Trust & Faith"
  4. Blair French - "Before Morning Arrival"
  5. John Beltran - "Music For Machines"
  6. David Elpezs - "Brisa"
  7. Kirk Degiorgio - "High Tide"
  8. Dennis Clifford - "Nineteen Eighty Seven"
  9. Robert Perry - "5291989"
  10. Merrin Karras - "The Veldt"
Review: Last seen, quite surprisingly, on Four Tet's Text label, veteran US producer John Beltran resurfaces in more substantial fashion with the first of several Music For Machines compilations issued jointly between his own Dado and the Delsin label he has a strong affiliation with. Whilst Beltran previously compiled a selection of his own material for Delsin back in 2011 with Best Of: Ambient Selections 1995 - 2011, this first Music For Machines release finds the Michigan native pulling together cuts from other artists with likes of Winter Flags, Blair French, Sons Of Melancholia, Kirk DeGiorgio and Greg Chin all contributing. Ambient music has experienced a real surge of interest this year and Music From Machines will be a welcome addition to any fan's collection.
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Droid (12")
Cat: INERTIA 06. Rel: 30 Jun 16
  1. Droid (6:11)
  2. Droid (Inland remix) (6:04)
  3. Droid (Cassegrain remix) (6:15)
Review: BNJMN's take on techno has never been fixed, though in recent times he's happily been focused on the more robust, forthright end of the style. Droid neatly fits into this category, with the track sitting somewhere between the dust-encrusted, distorted sound favoured by the likes of L.I.E.S and Lobster Theremin, the end-of-days intensity of Berceuse Heroique's output, and good old-fashioned techno funk. It fizzes, clanks and throbs in all the right places, with just the right amount of metallic pressure and mind-bending electronic chicanery. The accompanying remixes are strong, too. There's a bouncy, surging interpretation from Inland that should please all those who like 'no nonsense' techno, and a pulsating, EBM-influenced interpretation from Cassegrain.
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Played by: Ethyl
 in stock $8.67
Exhilarator (gatefold 3xLP)
Cat: 127 DSR. Rel: 16 Nov 17
  1. Sunshine (4:29)
  2. Eye Spy (4:56)
  3. Mr Stewart (5:05)
  4. Guardian Angel (6:29)
  5. Ageless Eyes (5:56)
  6. Portrait (1:35)
  7. Pantomime (6:02)
  8. Through The Cosmos (6:47)
  9. Kozyrev's Mirror (7:01)
  10. Another Life (5:56)
  11. Amino Acid (6:37)
  12. Slither - The Way Home (8:48)
  13. Bite The Hand (3:46)
Review: For those who follow the work of British IDM legend Claro Intelecto, the last few years have been frustrating, to say the least. It's been five years since his last album, and three since he released a 12" single. Exhilarator, his fifth full-length, is certainly well over-due. Predictably, it is also rather good. As usual, it offers a superb balance of dark and intoxicating electro, tuneful intelligent techno, bubbly IDM, glitchy post-ambient soundscapes, deep and bass-heavy techno shufflers and clanking, off kilter experimentation from the Autehcre school of electronica. It's atmospheric, impeccably produced and stuffed full of highlights. In other words, it's another great Claro Intelecto album.
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Played by: Doo
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Cat: 129 DSR. Rel: 28 Jun 18
  1. Celestion (7:33)
  2. Vessel (7:08)
  3. Zephyr (6:48)
  4. Aerial (8:24)
Played by: Rick Hopkins, Rogér
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Cat: 124 DSRCD. Rel: 19 Oct 17
  1. Tidal Gateway
  2. Fauna Of Estuaries
  3. Inland Current
  4. ECCV Quay
  5. Harnessed Life In Programmed Form
  6. Autonomously Surpassed
  7. Meuse-Plain
  8. Seasonal Erosion
  9. Simulation & Emulation
Review: By now, we should all know what to expect from Boris Bunnik's Conforce project; after all, this is the shape-shifting producer's fifth album under the pseudonym in just under seven years. Like previous full-length Conforce excursions, Autonomous looks to the "intelligent techno" era (think mid-to-late '90s) for inspiration, serving up a range of spacey, inter-dimensional tracks that variously doff a cap to the Black Dog, the angular rhythms of Autechre, otherworldly deep techno, crystalline IDM, Drexciyan IDM and the outer-space brilliance of B12. Interestingly, there are a few more dense and creepy techno club tracks than we've come to expect, but even these tend towards to spacey and out-there.
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Dead Satellite
Cat: INERTIA 08. Rel: 29 Oct 18
Played by: S-File
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Cat: 112 DSRLP. Rel: 16 Dec 15
  1. Run (7:53)
  2. Lab Work (5:59)
  3. Moderna (8:14)
  4. Transglide (6:54)
  5. The Deep (6:33)
  6. Floatation Tank (7:28)
  7. Aquenatec (9:08)
  8. Stem Cell (6:57)
  9. Sides Of Space (9:58)
  10. Sequensa (3:09)
  11. Future Sense (9:07)
  12. Compumotion (5:10)
Review: Throughout the noughties, UK producer John Harvey delivered sporadic bursts of Detroit-influenced, atmospheric techno brilliance on Delsin under the D5 moniker. Here, the long-running Dutch techno imprint looks back on Harvey's often-overlooked career, gathering together a scintillating range of classic, lost and forgotten gems over a sumptuously packaged triple-pack. What shines through most is Harvey's effortless grasp of mood and melody, with each spacey, heart-aching composition coming smothered in classic Motor City melodies, supernova chords and glistening electronics. Whether heading for the dancefloor via hypnotic, rolling groovers, or showcasing his love of IDM and ambient techno for those feeling the post-club sofa vibe, Harvey rarely got it wrong. An essential purchase.
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Storm/Subway Route (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: X/DSR 6. Rel: 04 Jun 14
  1. Storm
  2. Subway Route (with Pluto)
Review: Delsin wind the clock back to early 90s UK techno and deliver a much needed reissue of two classic In Sync productions from Lee Purkis. Widely regarded as one of the most important figures in the UK for helping to promote the sounds of techno, "Storm" remains one of his most timeless productions and sounds just as futuristic some 23 years on from it's original release on the Irdial Discs label in 1992. Much the same can be said of "Subway Route", an epic 17 minute journey through outer galactic hi tech futurism. Fully licensed by Delsin from Irdial, both "Storm" and "Subway Route" have been transferred from the original master reel-to-reel tape and represents another archival coup for the Dutch label.
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Inca EP
Inca EP (12")
Cat: DSR/X 17. Rel: 26 Nov 18
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The Saturnian System (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DSRX 11. Rel: 10 Nov 17
  1. The Saturnian System (9:44)
  2. The Sequel (5:28)
  3. Self Destruct Sequence (8:09)
  4. Birth (3:50)
Review: Back in 2006, mysterious techno crew Lost Trax made their debut via a much-lauded - and now hard-to-find - EP on Daz Quayle's SCSI-AV label. Delsin, a label that has never shied away from reissuing underground gems, has now decided to re-release it. From the word go, it's easy to see why they were so keen to put it out again. Title track "The Saturnian System" is a deliciously spacey and emotion-rich chunk of acid-flecked, floor-friendly electro full of sweeping chords and eyes-closed melodies, while "The Sequel" remains a second-wave "intelligent techno" classic. Elsewhere, they join the dots between rubbery electro and yearning techno on "Self Destruct Sequence", before fixing melancholic Motor City melodies to a liquid tech-house groove on closer "Birth".
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Sephoria EP
Cat: DSR/X 18. Rel: 10 Dec 18
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The Lost Day EP (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: 9 DSR. Rel: 12 Oct 18
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Home (6:32)
  2. Walk (7:05)
  3. Fern (7:39)
  4. Static (6:48)
Played by: G-Prod
 in stock $9.22
Southern Soul (hand-stamped 12")
Cat: DSRX 10. Rel: 05 May 17
  1. Southern Soul (7:44)
  2. More Frequencies (7:07)
  3. Shifting Towards (6:57)
 in stock $8.95
Cat: 125 DSR. Rel: 05 Oct 17
  1. Oralage (5:46)
  2. Souls Search (7:59)
  3. Turn To Gaia (9:24)
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Cat: 126 DSR. Rel: 10 Nov 17
  1. The Nameless Place (6:56)
  2. The Very End Of You (7:27)
  3. Temple Of Retribution (6:40)
  4. Deva Station (8:41)
Played by: Rick Hopkins
 in stock $10.04
Preface (white vinyl double 12")
Cat: 123 DSR. Rel: 24 Apr 17
  1. Relative Solace (6:10)
  2. Wander (8:29)
  3. Fortitude Boogie (6:49)
  4. Fluid (7:52)
  5. Matter (6:22)
  6. Reminiscent (5:02)
Played by: M50
 in stock $19.26
Cameron 10 (2xLP)
Cat: DSR/C 10. Rel: 01 Jun 17
  1. Artefakt - "Anemic Cinema" (7:28)
  2. The Invariants - "Ritzy" (feat Elkan) (6:52)
  3. Claro Intelecto - "Hurt" (4:41)
  4. Sentomea - "Ease Of Life" (10:12)
  5. Shlomo - "The Quest" (5:59)
  6. Gunnar Haslam - "Kerallel" (8:45)
  7. Vril - "Lazar" (7:57)
  8. Cameron - "Construct" (5:05)
 in stock $19.52
Vaxna (12")
Cat: DSR/X 16. Rel: 12 Nov 18
  1. Vaxna
  2. Sepia
  3. 25H
  4. Versicolor
Review: Some six months on from the release of an undeniably brilliant EP on Frustrated Funk, Samuel Van Dijk slips on his VC-118A guise for a first outing on Delsin. Opener "Vaxna" showcases his well-established dancefloor electro credentials, with the producer wrapping ghostly chords and foreboding noises around a decidedly Drexciya-style groove. Van Dijk goes deeper on the poignant, dreamy and melancholic electro shuffle of "Sepia", before opening side B with the intergalactic wooziness of "25H", where ethereal vocal samples and yearning chords drift across a deep space electro rhythm. Arguably best of all, though, is melodious and life-affirming closing cut "Versicolor", whose effortless beauty and emotive feel is matched only by the punchiness of the producer's beats and bass.
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Anima Mundi
Anima Mundi (3xLP)
Cat: 132 DSR.
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Rigning (CD)
Cat: DSRX 14CD. Rel: 21 Jun 18
  1. Rigning Einn
  2. Rigning Tvo
  3. Rigning Brju
  4. Rigning Fjorir
  5. Rigning Fimm
  6. Rigning Sex
  7. Rigning Sjo
  8. Rigning Atta
  9. Rigning Niu
  10. Rigning Tiu
 in stock $12.21
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