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Default Position

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Mitchell's Fold
Mitchell's Fold (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DEFP 018. Rel: 07 Jan 19
  1. Mitchell's Fold
  2. Fontaine Bleau
  3. Swelted
Review: "After meeting and exchanging music at the legendary Freerotation Festival, El Choop and Tim Gee found it only right to begin a collaboration. With Tim Gee's past efforts as one half of Moniker and El Choop's releases on Default Position and ETUI Records, both artists were already operating from the dubbier corners of house and techno, the duo's styles achieved the perfect synergy to form their first EP; Mitchell's Fold.

Named after an ancient stone circle hidden in the hills of the Welsh border, Mitchell's Fold offers eyes into a dark void drowned with morphing static, cavernous reverbs, and splitting dub chords. The EP marks their first in a series of hand stamped vinyl only releases from the Default Position catalogue. "

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coming soon $TBA
  1. Samunnati (The vocal Expression)
  2. Samunnati (In That Distorted Light mix)
  3. Samunnati (original)
  4. Samunnati (Wa Wu We Simplification)
  5. Samunnati (Knutsson/Berg remix)
  6. Samunnati (Joseph S Joyce remix)
  7. Samunnati (Daniel[i] Revist)
Review: Minilogue member Sebastian Mullaert has been rapidly building on his reputation in recent years, and now he gets to enjoy an expansive double pack release on Default Position with plenty of remixers on board for the ride as well. The "Vocal Expression" of "Samunnati" is a sleek house jam sprinkled with shimmering chords, while the "In That Distorted Light" mix is a more cosmic, arpeggio-filled affair that aligns with the deep techno tendencies of the original. Wa Wu We heads into icy minimal territory on the "Simplification" version, while Knutsson/Berg take a nimble but ultimately simple approach in reducing the track down to a subtle core.
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 in stock $15.78
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


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