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The Passion's Journey
The Passion's Journey (140 gram vinyl 3xLP)
Cat: DAS 020LP.
Deep House
  1. The Passion's Journey
  2. Windchimes
  3. Groove Train
  4. Radiance
  5. Any Way You Want It
  6. Calliope
  7. Afternoon Delight
  8. In The Sunshine
  9. Horizons
  10. Explorations
  11. Smokey Bones
  12. Bouquet
  13. Tic Toc
Review: "Passion's Journey" a remarkable, groundbreaking and genuinely outstanding Album.
Bjak delivers 13 highly sophisticated songs using his vast musical variety.
Entirely perfectly balanced fusing all creative ingredients to form an epic sound experience.
All in all and on top with renowned musicians Yogi Lonich on guitar, Ireesh Lal on trumpet and, Leddie Garcia on percussions House Music
gets some sort of a new definition.

But let the master speak in his own words:
""My goal was to create a seamless flow over the entire JOURNEY, something that keeps a consistency throughout the whole album."",
Well said Brian, we surely feel more than excited to have "Passion's Journey" as kinda like 20th dAS release anniversary!
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Ten Lovers Music EP (Dan Piu, Trinidadian Deep mixes)
Cat: dAS 023SE. Rel: 29 Oct 18
Deep House
  1. Different (feat Helen McCormack)
  2. Pure Sound (Dan Piu edit)
  3. Tobacco (Dan Piu edit)
  4. Different (feat Helen McCormack - Trinidadian Deep remix)
Review: "Caruso are back after a long time away on Swiss imprint deepArtSounds having previously only released on Manchesters Ten Lovers Music label. Different is the lead track featuring the amazing vocals of Helen McCormack which also is reworked by the equally incredibly talented Trinidadian Deep in his own unique style. Dan Piu also supplies some fine re-edits of Caruso tracks Tobacco and Pure Sound. Caruso's Steve Conry and Cormac Fulton are working on lots of new material. This will be the first of many new releases.

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Back 2 Live EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: DAS 022CE. Rel: 03 Apr 18
Deep House
  1. Love Mystery (Of Love #2)
  2. 9 Lives
  3. Confused House
Review: deepArtSounds may be a sublabel of Moto Music, but it's achieved so much on its own terms over the past decade. Now Joe Lewis is joining the esteemed ranks of the label with even more experience behind him - he was recording for the likes of Relief Records and Peacefrog way back when. It's no secret when you listen to his jams on Back 2 Live, where rugged and raw synth lines sit atop tough machine beats. "Love Mystery" is plenty tender where it counts, but "9 Lives" and "Confused House" head towards a rougher end goal for the nastier kind of party.
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