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Dc Recordings

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Cat: DCR 97. Rel: 28 Nov 08
  1. Ghost Feeder
  2. Arc
 in stock $5.17
Cat: DC 462. Rel: 30 Mar 11
  1. Cowboys With Cowboy Hat Hair
  2. Yapapipi
  3. Regifted Light
  4. Couching Up Cat Hair
  5. Deep Peaceful
  6. Brother Slug & Sister Snail
  7. Lullaby Parade
  8. On The Day I Died
  9. Horn Pipe
  10. The Pipe Song
  11. Cowboy Street
  12. The Move
 in stock $19.06
No Sale No ID (1-sided 12")
Cat: DCR 86. Rel: 25 Jan 08
Electro House
  1. No Sale No ID (Simian Mobile Disco version)
Review: Rounding off The Emperor Machine's 'Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise' era before ushering in new material - this new 12" returns to the
sordid pop genius that is 'No Sale No I.D.' (as featured on the 'Vertical Tones And Horizontal Noise' cd - DCR75). A cryptically told tale of
nocturnal transgender research, the song has already achieved infamy with its rabid boogie, inspiring a state of salival reverie amongst the
dance music community and here singled out for a remix by none other than Simian Mobile Disco. Fresh from the success of their 'Attack
Decay Sustain Release' album, this notorious duo have taken the original and sharpened up all the edges, creating spikes and crunch
where once there was ooze, setting the analogue shapes of the original against a frenetic digital electro template that swarms, swells and
intermittently bursts inside the mind of the listener; a reworking that truly penetrates the dance floor and those who writhe upon it. Look out
for more new material from The Emperor Machine in 2008.
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 in stock $4.63
Cat: DCR 71. Rel: 06 Sep 06
Electro House
  1. Rocket Ride (extended version)
  2. Rocket Ride (The Emperor Machine version)
Review: Dean Meredith’s White Light Circus returns to the 12" format with the celestial funk of "Rocket Ride" (extended version), a synth and drum work out that pays its dues to not only the robo-disco of Giorgio Moroder, but also to the Teutonic modulations of Kraftwerk and their oscillating computer soul. For the B-side, Meredith hands over the controls to Andy Meecham, who re-configures the rocket’s motherboard, presenting us with an Emperor Machine Version that spins us sideways into a meteor shower of insistent rhythms, sputnik melodies and sound effect squiggles. This is the follow up to 2005’s acclaimed "Marching Orders" which had a legion of DJ supporters including The Glimmers, Headman, Trevor Jackson, Soulwax, Prins Thomas, Rub N Tug, Pedro Ed Banger, Idjut Boys, Optimo, Stevie Kotey & Mr Scruff, etc.
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 in stock $4.35
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


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