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D3 Elements Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on D3 Elements
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10 Years: Part 1 Of 3
Cat: D3E 018LTD. Rel: 06 Nov 23
Deep House
AsTreJinkins - "Terror" (5:06)
New Digital Fidelity - "TOI00e" (3:20)
Moroka - "Skidly" (5:19)
Byron The Aquarius - "Tua Su Ra" (6:04)
Nico Lahs - "It's Spelled BARI" (6:23)
Review: French label D3 - which when pronounced in French sounds like their word for Detroit - is a decade old and celebrates the milestone with a special three-part EP series. As has always been the case over that 10 year period, the sounds it serves up are deep and housey. This various artists affair kicks off with AsTreJinkins' slow and propulsive 'Terror' before some nice airy and live sounding broken beats from New Digital Fidelity. Moroka picks up the pace with some hi-tek soul that sounds straight from the Motor City and Byron The Aquarius shows off his mastery of the keys again with a dreamy deep cut 'Tua Su Ra'. Nico Lahs shuts down with a heavyweight beatdown in the form of 'It's Spelled BARI.'
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 in stock $14.81
Instinctive Meditation
Instinctive Meditation (180 gram vinyl 2xLP)
Cat: D3ELP 2. Rel: 20 Mar 23
Deep House
Zion (5:55)
Nomadic Jazz (4:18)
Yeah (6:16)
Motionless (2:27)
GO (3:43)
Inside (4:23)
Retro State (6:55)
Schmoov (7:00)
Review: Brian Harden is one of the many talented Chicago house producers out there who sit just below the top talent in terms of global reputation. But he shouldn't - his sound is as musical and timeless as any from the Windy City. He's been grafting since the 90s and now taps into that long career with a new collection of rare cuts and unreleased gems on this Instinctive Meditation album for French label D3 Elements. There is textbook heavy drum work and spaced-out synths on 'Zion' before warmer, deeper basement cuts like 'Nomadic Jazz'. 'Yeah' is a party starter with clattering percussion softened by more jazzy chord work and 'Motionless' allows you a moment to catch your breath on some cosmic ambiance. The rest of the record takes in deeper techno, samba-tinged deep house shufflers and star-gazing beauties for 4AM. Proof if you needed it that Harden is a boss.
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 in stock $21.17
10 Years: Part 3 Of 3
Cat: D3E 020LTD. Rel: 15 Jan 24
Deep House
Jason Hogans - "Guard Of Joy" (4:44)
Zopelar - "Resolution" (6:06)
Malik Hendricks - "Green Mango" (4:07)
Meftah - "Maha Shatki (Great Energy)" (4:58)
Damar Davis - "Kiss In The Dark" (4:41)
Review: The third and final EP from the ten year anniversary series by French label D3 Elements is another one that offers a wide range of excellent grooves. To kick off, Jason Hogans takes us into woozy late night territory with muffled leads and lazy breaks, then Zopelar heads for the cosmos on his radiant synth laced house offering 'Resolution.' Malik Hendricks keeps it low key and slow with his intimate basement sounds on 'Green Mango' then Meftah rebuilds on a dusty Theo Parrish tip with 'Maha Shatki.' Damar Davis offers pure cosmic deep house lushness on closer 'Kiss In The Dark.'
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Played by: Bryan Hervieu
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est. release 15 Jan 24 $14.81
(No payment required now - pay when released)
Soru (feat Hugo LX rework)
Soru (feat Hugo LX rework) (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: D3E 017. Rel: 16 Oct 23
Deep House
Outside (5:33)
Information Society (4:38)
Shadows (4:40)
Soru (6:14)
Soru (Hugo LX rework) (6:11)
Review: Classy French deep house label D3 Elements (D3, pronounced day-trois, is French for Detroit, which is a big inspiration on its sound) returns with more of that lush and timeless backroom tackle, this time from Neuronphase. 'Outside' is a dusty jam with atmospheric vocal samples and sustained chords, 'Information Society' has a more playful piano lead and ramshackle drums and 'Shadows' then brings some acid madness. 'Soru' comes as a skipping, percussion-laden original and as a hi-tek soul remix with cosmic leads from Hugo LX rework. Plenty to love here, as always from this label.
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 in stock $15.87
10 Years: Part 2 Of 3
Cat: D3E 019LTD. Rel: 04 Dec 23
Deep House
Koizumi Yukiko - "526" (5:47)
Taelue - "Saturn Infinite 8" (5:46)
Nemanja Krstic - "Aquae Sulis" (4:31)
Gnork - "Reflection Of A Bird Flying" (6:51)
Review: The French deep house label D3 Elements is now a decade old and to mark the occasion it has assembled a superb three part EP series featuring plenty of talents both new and old. The second EP kick off with some Japanese stylings from Koizumi Yukiko and his piano laced bongo workout '526'. Taelue sets off on a deep and heavy bassline pulse that will make floors march and Nemanja Krstic's 'Aquae Sulis' brings some jazzy chord work and bubbling funk bass for a nice heartfelt vibe. Gnork shuts down with a skittish, stripped back broken beat that makes this another diverse offering.
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Played by: Bryan Hervieu
 in stock $14.81
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