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Flip Flop Licker (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CY 013. Rel: 30 Aug 16
  1. Flip Flop Licker
  2. Rocks In My Socks
Review: Cynic return after a years heitus with a couple tracks from label boss Felix Dickinson. Meat and potatoes by Mr.Dickinson and additional noodles from Robin Lee. Acidic dance music for your feet.
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The Shanklin Sessions
Andy SIMS presents
The Shanklin Sessions (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CY 015.
Deep House
  1. Acid Jan
  2. Sitars Over Shanklin
Review: The Shanklin Sessions came out of the Shanklin Road studio that Andy Sims shared with one of his partners from Soft Rocks, Bobby Coulman.
Acid Jan started it's life as a Jan Hammer edit that Andy was doing for one of Soft Rock's Disco Powerplay releases. There were a few parts that never made the final cut, but were too good to leave, so Andy got friend Jaime Read in to jam with the left over bits, and from that Acid Jan was born (none of the Jan's original parts made it to this finished re-incarnation).
Acid Jan found it's way onto Cynic label boss Felix's USB and subsequently was played at every festival/club that Felix played for about a year. When Andy heard Felix playing it at Alfresco Festival in 2016, they decided to release it on Cynic.
In search of a B side for the release, Andy dug out the other DAT's from the session Acid Jan was recorded at, and found Sitars over Shanklin, a suitably oddball track to grace the other side.
A little piece of Chicago via India recorded in Brighton.

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The Problem With George (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CY 014. Rel: 05 Feb 18
Deep House
  1. Take Me Back (9:10)
  2. To La Luna (7:05)
Review: The Problem With George finds drum & bass producer George Levings of Commix embracing his deep house side alongside Endian, and they shore up on Cynic with a high grade EP of thoughtful cuts that should suit the warm up or run down perfectly. "Take Me Back" is a gentle, steady-cruising affair that uses a simple spread of sounds impeccably. "To La Luna" is a feistier concern with its acid touches and punchy rhythm section, but it's still sliding in at an easy tempo to keep things steady without the need for peak time fireworks.
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