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Cat: CUBCD 03. Rel: 24 Apr 13
Dirty Dubstep/Trap/Grime
  1. Buku - "All Deez"
  2. Dream Mclean - "Network" (Chase & Status remix)
  3. Tnght - "Higher Ground"
  4. Supersizm - "Power To The People"
  5. Dekay - "Can't Dance"
  6. Sem Thomasson - "Aorta" (Point Blank remix)
  7. Crimelock & Dusk Creator - "Refuse" (feat Omar Perry)
  8. Xkore - "Stabs"
  9. Dubba Jonny - "Ampalamps" (feat The Duke)
  10. Le Cousin - "That Coochy" (Requake remix)
  11. Killsonik - "Slaughterhouse"
  12. Syndaesia - "Jacuzzi Jam"
  13. Nadastrom, Gent & Jawns - "Snake Juice"
  14. TC - "Do You Rock"
  15. Dub phizix - "Never Been" (feat Fox)
  16. Nero - "Act Like You Know"
  17. Koan Sound, Gemini, Culprate & Asa - "Beyond The Shadows"
  18. DJ Fresh - "Hypercaine" (Nero remix)
  19. Snarebox - "Cap Track"
  20. Xxtrakt & Houcemate - "Diamond Ice"
  21. Syndaesia - "Break A Leg"
  22. Benny Benassi presents The Biz - "Satisfaction" (RL Grime remix)
  23. Rl Crime - "Grapes Alla Vodka"
  24. Brown & Gammon - "Disco Music"
  25. Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam" (Eptic remix edit)
  26. Tc - "Tap Ho" (Dubstep VIP)
  27. Buchan & Bloodfire - "Bump That"
  28. Cj Bolland - "Chicago" (Syndaesia remix)
  29. Dubba Honny - "Drinking Man" (feat RJ Duke)
  30. Mizuki - "F*#cking Right"
  31. Zeds Dead - "Hit Me"
  32. Brownz - "Space 21"
  33. Freestylers - "Cracks" (feat Belle Humble - Flux Pavilion remix)
  34. Houcemate - "Don't Stop"
  35. Nerva & Mathco - "Frostbite" (Wonkap remix)
  36. Laxx - "In The Place"
  37. Dusk Creator - "Jona's Dub"
Review: To quote an overused old advertising slogan, Bass Generation "does exactly what it says on the tin". Describing itself as "the ultimate trap and dubstep collection", the two-disc compilation - mixed, of course, by an unheralded studio engineer - offers a wobbly, bass-heavy romp through the better-known end of the bass music spectrum. Along the way, you can expect veritable bangers from the likes of DJ Fresh, TC, Synthesia and Nero, alongside lesser-known cuts and trap-era remakes of dance classics ("Pump Up The Jam", Benny Benassi's "Satisfaction" etc.). There are few surprises, but plenty of thrills for those looking for no-frills bass-heavy entertainment.
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1


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