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record store day 2022
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Urubus Fall From The Dying Sun In An Improvised Manner
Cat: CYN 001. Rel: 14 May 18
  1. The (Black) Sun's Burning (feat Neonthroat)
  2. Hostages Of Society
  3. Zombie Zombie
  4. Are You Awake?
  5. Children Of The Curse
  6. Black Sun's Demise
Review: Having built its name on various artist releases featuring old and new artists, Contort Yourself is branching out with a new series that focuses on one contemporary act per release. In this instance it's Coletivo Vandalismo getting some much-deserved attention. The Portuguese industrial punk outfit have a visceral sound that favours noise and distortion, but most importantly they know how to wield these sonic tools for maximum impact. The snarl of the synths and the crunch of the drums on "Hostages Of Society" could easily be too much in the wrong hands, but here the errant tones find their own space in the mix, making the impact of the track all the more on-point.

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Magnetic Healing EP
Magnetic Healing EP (9 track 12" + insert)
Cat: CYN 002. Rel: 10 Sep 18
  1. Desintegrado (3:47)
  2. Bries (3:40)
  3. Risadinha (3:00)
  4. Local Fantasy (2:35)
  5. In The Spell (3:48)
  6. Global Boring (3:05)
  7. Superficial Love (2:08)
  8. Modus Operandi IV (2:57)
  9. Forest Shaman (2:03)
Review: LA Club Resource's Innsyter helps carry Contort Yourself into this new realm of dedicated solo releases from contemporary artists (their previous form was to split releases between archival and new tracks). The snarling, industrial palette is much the same, and the years of origin are as ambiguous here as they've ever been on the label, making Innsyter the perfect addition to the catalogue. From acid-dipped synth pop to nightmarish wave contortions, this record is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you already love the dark and deadly world of Contort Yourself then this brilliantly-realised, consistently inventive record can't fail to hit the spot.
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 in stock $9.19
80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 2
80s Underground Cassette Culture Volume 2 (gatefold 2xLP with printed inners + insert)
Cat: CY 80LP02. Rel: 05 Sep 22
  1. Die Achse - "Under The Church"
  2. Nostlagie Eternelle - "Peace Of Mind"
  3. Years On Earth - "As You're Told"
  4. If, Bwana - "Tiny Bladders"
  5. Stefan Schrader - "Attempt To Rap"
  6. Misteek - "Bump Beat"
  7. M Rendell - "CV In"
  8. Dix Ferro - "Bienvenidos A Neuchatel"
  9. Sluik - "Open Window"
  10. Pornosect - "Pressure Level"
  11. The Horse He's Sick - "Projectile Fascination"
  12. M Nomized - "Nitsed"
  13. John J Lafia - "Life Is Short"
  14. Interaccion - "Newton"
  15. Die Mysteriosen - "Spurhund"
  16. Homage A Brinkmann - "Franzosisch"
  17. Solanaceae Tau - "Tekno Pop"
  18. Ob Ovo + Sha 261 - "The CIA, It Dances"
  19. Collectionism - "We Are All Children Of God"
  20. UPM - "Anstalt"
  21. Wolfgang Wiggers - "Slightly Mental"
Review: Rich-poor divide widens. Unemployment soars. The East and West eyeball each other on the brink. 2022 isn't too far off the 1980s. Contort Yourself know this.

Following the huge success of the prophetic 80s Underground Cassette Culture Vol 1, Vol 2 is set to hit shelves and screens with the same brand of distortion soaked didactics.

Twenty one tracks from across the globe make up this second installment with nothing being constant. Instead, the overarching message is one of wanton abandonment; burnt-out artists peddling an electronic punk profanity, marginalised musicians spitting on the establishment and industry.

Rusted guitar strings, cobbled drum machines and fire in the belly; this is the recipe.

A soundtrack of despondent despair, a lament of languid lechery, an anthem of what was then and still is now.
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Few Tricks For Nervous Dealmakers EP
  1. Volition Immanent - "Swarm Behaviour"
  2. Zombies Under Stress - "Maan Zal Zijn (1986)"
  3. Zombies Under Stress - "In Onze Tijd (1986)"
  4. Zombies Under Stress - "Maan Zal Zijn" (Svengalisghost remix)
  5. Mark Forshaw - "Submission"
Review: REPRESS ALERT: Contort Yourself has once again gathered the best and boldest from past and present for its fourth EP. To begin with we have the grimacing visage of Volition Immanent, an intense live act made up of Parrish Smith and Mark Van de Maat (Knekelhuis). Behind rawkish distortion, splintered beats and acrid bars screams a boiled anger; a track spitting on the divides of punk and electronics. Nastiness is taken up a notch as noise ne'er-do-wells Zombies Under Stress take over. Static is bent and doubled across thick chords and collapsed clap in the 1986 "Maan Zal Zijn" before the raw and raging battery of "In Onze Tijd." L.I.E.S. regular Svengalisghost grapples with "Maan Zal Zijn, channelling the original's rage into a mechanical monster. The 12" is bookended with bite as Mark Forshaw (Tabernacle/Berceuse Heroique) closes with the tortured and torrential thump of "Submission." A callous, caustic and fervently cruel EP.
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 in stock $7.15
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