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Common Dreams

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Implacable Force
Implacable Force (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CMD 005.
Deep House
  1. Implacable Force
  2. Sungazing
  3. Rise N' Shine
  4. Sands Of Time
Review: Rob Belleville is a producer from the Netherlands. His music can be found in the same space as producers such as Arne Weinberg, Microworld, Sean Deason and Drivetrain. He is know for moving between ambient electronica and atmospheric techno sounds, always warm and well produced. This release is no different, as here we have two very special tracks with the same integrity as anything Rob has written in the past. On the A side we've got 'Implacable Force' which features a driving techno foundation and washy synths, interwoven for perfect headspace. The second track in is Sungazing, which takes you into a more lazy groove with swirling, warm pads and more good drum programming. The B side features Rise 'n Shine and Sands of Time, both blurring the line between deep house and techno, with a fine balance between the melodic textures and tech house percussion. If you like atmospheric, melodic textures and quality music in general, this one is for you.

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Ascendance (100 gram vinyl 10")
Cat: CMD 004. Rel: 21 Nov 16
  1. Heal (8:29)
  2. Plight (8:27)
Review: From his appearances on Aesthetic Audio and Ornate through to his own Atmospheric Existence label, Miles Sagnia continues to be one of the best kept secrets of British deep techno, and that's no more apparent than on this stunning release for Common Dreams. There's a looped up insistence to "Heal", but it's offset by emotive movement in the synth lines and an overall spiritual quality that escapes much cyclical techno. "Plight" takes a slightly slower path, amping up the early UK electronica tones for an immersive experience shaped out by interlocking rhythms and snaking melodies. It's a truly classy statement that stays true to techno while saying something original.
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Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


Common Dreams
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