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Cat: CDA 002. Rel: 01 Aug 11
  1. Dream Tennis (Diegors remix)
  2. Dream Tennis (original mix)
  3. Dream Tennis (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
Review: The fledgling Cocktail D'Amoure imprint maintains their status quo in our affections with its second release which sees Heatsick at the helm. Whilst this is the debut twelve inch from the East Anglian recently transposed to Berlin, he has plenty of DIY form having released some under the shade CDrs for that most esteemed of imprints Not Not Fun, amongst others. His is a talent worth paying attention to, as the classiness of "Dream Tennis" will inform your senses. Central to the track is a kaleidoscopic treatment of a vintage Casiotone keyboard, its rusted rhythms oscillating outwards with true intent over equally strained Chicago house drum patterns. Seemingly endless in its progression, "Dream Tennis" is a track worthy of NNF offshoot 100 Silk and a magnificent coup by Cocktail d'Amour overseers Discodromo and DJ Boris. Equally fine is their choice of remixers with the hallowed phrase Prins Thomas Diskomiks adorned across the B Side reason enough for inquisitive minds to seek out - however it's the remix from Comeme's Diegors that almost matches the delight of the original, bringing to the fore a hitherto undisclosed sonic restraint that embellishes proceedings with an otherworldly, Mr Fingers vibe.
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Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos: Reinterpretaciones (Powder, Suzanne Kraft, Hatchback & Zavoloka mixes)
  1. Barreras (Powder remix)
  2. Cuando Rocio Dispara Sus Flechas (Suzanne Kraft remix)
  3. Posmeridiano (Hatchback remix)
  4. Ukraina (Zavoloka remix)
Review: After the reissue of Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos, Berlin
based Cocktail d'Amore Music is proud to present a collection of remixes and
reinterpretations of the mighty album.
Japanese rising star Powder is first up to deliver her take on Barreras. The
minimalist dreamscape catches its rhythmic reshape, becoming an
underwater deep-house/deep- techno dance floor experience. On the same
side Suzanne Kraft contributes with a rather cinematic vision on Cuando
Rocio Dispara Sus Flechas.
Hatchback opens up the B-side with an evocative version of Posmeridiano.
The Californian producer gives a touch of sunshine and open air to the
landscape of the original song. Closing the EP Ukrainian producer Zavoloka
reinterprets Ukraina with a vortex of three-dimensional sonic layering.
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Thinking About You (feat Lauer & Fort Romeau remix)
Cat: CDA 023. Rel: 12 Mar 18
  1. Thinking About You
  2. Thinking About You (Lauer remix)
  3. Thinking About You (Fort Romeau remix)
Review: "Pushing Movies is the collaborative project of Jeffrey Sfire and Dimitri SoEmotional.
Half of Studio Luce, Dimitri gave light to Defender X along with Franz Scala from Slow Motion. You might remember of Jeffrey Sfire, the man behind the homonymous legendary hit from 2014.

Thinking About You is a nostalgic piece of Italo-inspired synth-pop music. A driving groove, involving guitar bass chords, tingled with reverse effects, supports the bright and sexy synth lines. You are suddenly projected to the Italian Riviera sometime in 1980s; pulsating colorful disco lights are cheering up the dance floor on fire, Sabrina Salerno's drinking champagne by the pool while Toni Esposito's staring at the full moon wearing a flowered linen shirt.

Lauer and Fort Romeau are on remix duty for the B-side of this 12". If Fort Romeau's interpretation will take you to ultra-space realms, Lauer seems to soundtrack a flashy bumper cars drive.

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Pene D'amore Part 1 (180 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: CDA 019. Rel: 09 Oct 17
  1. Surdinia
  2. Meccanica
Review: Having previously popped up on ESP Institute, Juan Ramos teams up with Trent to form Greenvision, making their first appearance on the home of freshly squeezed discoid deviance, Cocktail D'Amore. "Surdinia" takes over the A side with a bombastic array of peak time devices in its utility belt, from bubbling acid tweaks to gluttonous monosynth leads and a chunky set of drums. "Meccanica" is no slouch either, laying down thick slabs of synthesized grease in pursuit of a different kind of party track. This is unusual, distinctive club music for those who want the crowd to stop and pay attention.
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Stratofortress (Samo DJ, Rrose, & Gonno mixes)
Cat: CDA 021. Rel: 05 Feb 18
  1. Stratofortress
  2. Stratofortress (Samo DJ remix)
  3. Stratofortress (Rrose remix)
  4. Stratofortress (Gonno remix)
Review: After his appearance on Born Free Records, Rollerboys Recordings, and Rett I Fletta, Johannes Wilkstrom aka Yourhighness contributes to Cocktail d'Amore Music with Stratofortress.
The Berlin based imprint gathered techno guru Rrose, Born Free Records owner Samo DJ, and international Japanese wave representative Gonno, to offer an EP with a wide range of interpretations of the title track.
The original mix is an acid based, industrial influenced techno banger. Highly energetic, for sweaty late-night dance floors. On the same side Samo DJ transforms the techno blaster into a funky EBM ballad, characterized by a deep male voice and a breakbeat groove.
Rrose is on remix duty on the B-side. Stratofortress suddenly turns into a dubby, everlasting build up, that eventually implodes in the depth of a black hole.
Closing the EP Gonno offers a slow-mo rework. Deep and very cinematic, this remix will please every Cosmic Hole connaisseur.

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