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Ckk Electronic

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Cat: 712119 Rel: 28 Nov 18
High gain yet responsive distortion effects pedal
Notes: The CKK Electronic Design Select Anka Distortion Pedal is the fifth iteration of this design and provides even more dynamic response and frequency range. It is a wide-ranging distortion pedal with rugged build quality at an excellent price point. With a simple to use design and wide-ranging tonal response, it is ideal to gig with or use in the studio.

3 Gain Levels:

The Anka pedal has a clipping switch to access 3 different clipping ranges. This sets the primary tone of the pedal from vintage to natural, and then onto modern-sounding distortions. These gain levels are fine-tuned by the gain knob resulting in a very versatile pedal. While the Anka delivers high gain sounds, it still provides a dynamic response and will respond well to guitar volume control adjustments. The pedal will react to player dynamics and is designed to work well with both single coil pickups and humbuckers.

Tonal Control:

The overall tonality of the Anka pedal is designed to be transparent, letting the character of your instrument be heard. The pedal features a tone knob for overall frequency shaping, and a powerful mid-boost switch that comprehensively adjusts the tonal output. The Anka pedal provides an excellent solution to generating high-gain sounds, and it does this with a very high build quality at an excellent price point.
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Cat: 712114 Rel: 28 Nov 18
Energetic, heavy distortion effects pedal
Notes: The Destruction Drive was developed to be an intense and heavy distortion effect. CKK Electronic designed a huge-sounding distortion with a 3-band active EQ for meticulous tonal adjustment - to meet the requirements of extreme music. Users can find the tone that they're searching for quickly and with ease. As well as standard volume and gain controls, the Destruction Drive features a 3-band parametric EQ with a selectable midrange character.
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 1 in stock $69.49
Cat: 712111 Rel: 27 Nov 18
Versatile overdrive effects pedal for electric guitar
Notes: Scream Drive is a classic overdrive with two gain stages. The pedal can produce high sound pressure and transparent overdrive tone. When the Disdrive switch is on, the distortion level is raised from normal overdrive to super drive distortion. Adjust the frequency point, and the tone sounds softer. The music style of the pedal is diverse, from low gain to SRV dual overdrive - the pedal easily copes.

In addition, the Scream Drive is also a boost overdrive, when it is placed in front of the amp, it will raise the picking attack of the tone, touch sensitivity of the bass strings and response speed. If you are a fan of the distortion tone of the amp, the pedal will become an essential complement to your amp tone.
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 1 in stock $69.49
Cat: 712115 Rel: 28 Nov 18
Versatile digital delay & reverb effects pedal
Notes: Designed to create amazing space effects, the SPACE STATION is a mixture of digital delay and reverb. Both effects can be used simultaneously or independent of one another. The combination of both effects take the space effect to extremes.

The delay module is equipped with 2 adjustable parameters, 'TIME" and 'REGENERATION". You can adjust reverb time with the "REVERB" module.

The SPACE STATION offers up to 2000ms of delay time. The delay sound is pristine and strong with no degradation. The SPACE STATION provides warm and organic sounding reverb, just like "HALL REVERB". The pedal is also equipped with a "VINTAGE" toggle switch to add a warm taste to the music.
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 3 in stock $112.67
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Ckk Electronic
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