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Cat: CHUB 001. Rel: 26 Mar 18
Deep House
  1. Ewan Jansen - "Plants"
  2. Ewan Jansen - "Plants" (Mike Grant remix - Jason Hogans Additional Keys)
  3. Trinidadian Deep - "Move Me"
  4. Trinidadian Deep - "Move Me" (Mr YT remix)
Review: Chubby has already earned its stripes as a podcast and party in Australia dealing in connoisseurs' deep house, and their leap to the world of vinyl is no less classy. The first release splits a 12" between four esteemed practitioners of true skool beats for switched on heads, leading in with Antipodean maestro Ewan Jansen. After delivering the plush tones of his "Plants," Moods & Grooves label boss Mike Grant pops up to remix Jansen with stunning, understated results. Trinidadian Deep takes over on the B side with the typically shimmering melodics and dextrous drums he's much loved for. Mr YT then serves up a final remix, nudging "Move Me" just a little up the energy scale with the help of a killer organ line placed at the front of the mix.
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Various Vol 2 (Vincent Floyd, Patrice Scott remix)
Cat: CHUB 002. Rel: 14 Jan 19
Deep House
  1. Rebel Fract
  2. Rebel Fract (Vincent Floyd remix)
  3. Jazzy Day
  4. Jazzy Day (Patrice Scott remix)
Review: Australian label Chubby! got off to a strong start with a split 12" from Ewan Jansen and Trinidadian Deep, and now they're back for a second bout that features further ruminations on how deep deep house can go. Trinidadian Deep returns, this time shoring up on the A side with some of his distinctive percussive patter and soaring, soul-drenched melodics. "Rebel Fract" is a stunning track in its original form, and then Vincent Floyd comes on board to deliver a classic, Chi-town flavoured version that makes the perfect foil to the fluttering organic tones of the source material. Javonntte is on the B side with "Jazzy Day," rolling out the kind of smart, bumping house music he's made his name on, leading with expressive, nimble work on the keys. Patrice Scott steps up for a remix to round the EP out, maintaining the swing but edging some of his swirling, ethereal tones into the mix.
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