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Chinchin Germany

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Cat: AC 2108. Rel: 20 Oct 16
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood (feat Scarlett Quinn)
  2. Shy Girl (feat Judith Menner)
  3. Flip (feat Ashley Slater)
  4. I Still Believe In Love (feat Red Star Lion)
  5. Running Life (feat Ashley Slater)
  6. Broken World (feat Ashley Slater)
  7. Feel The Pressure (feat Scarlett Quinn & Ashley Slater)
  8. Seventh Dimension
  9. Lazy Day (feat Nadine Petry)
  10. Where The Music Is (feat Ashley Slater)
  11. Smells Like Saltwater
 in stock $13.84
Smarter (CD)
Cat: AC 2098. Rel: 07 Oct 14
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Smarter (feat Anne Schnell)
  2. Mungo Swing (feat Brenda Boykin)
  3. Sweet Heart (feat Anne Schnell)
  4. Boog It (feat Mills Brothers - Jojo Effect & Gardener Of Delight remix)
  5. Rockin' The Blue
  6. Feels Like (feat Brenda Boykin)
  7. Hollywood (feat Zouzoulectric)
  8. Aha (feat Anne Schnell)
  9. Aguas De Marco (feat WDR Big Band & Joyce - Jojo Effect remix)
  10. Stranded (feat Anne Schnell)
  11. Gimme A Soulbeat (feat Brenda Boykin)
  12. Minor Pie (feat Club Des Belugas Horns)
  13. Stay Away From My Man (feat Anne Schnell - Gardener Of Delight remix)
  14. Suddenly (feat Anne Schnell - Electronic album mix)
  15. You're The Love (feat Anne Schnell)
  16. That's What You Get (feat Anne Schnell)
 in stock $16.01
Mimos (CD)
Cat: AC 2104. Rel: 06 May 16
  1. La Proxima Ves
  2. Mi Pequeno Angel
  3. Tip No Good
  4. Mimos
  5. Down The Hill
  6. Calle De La Luz
  7. Nanango
  8. Fall Into Oblivion
  9. Lo Prometido
  10. Good Bye & Good Luck
  11. Obstacle Course
  12. Lo Que Bien Acaba
  13. Mind The Gap (Club Des Belugas remix)
  14. Down The Hill (Jojo Effect remix)
 in stock $12.76
Cat: AC 2109. Rel: 26 Apr 17
Funky/Club House
  1. Step Into My Time Machine
  2. Hush Hush Magazine
  3. Love Gun
  4. Get Down To Lunapark
  5. I Like Stepping Out
  6. Good Girl Bad Woman
  7. At Roadhouse Eleven (interlude)
  8. The Magic Slapstick
  9. I Like The Twilight
  10. She's Undressed To Kill
  11. Do The Hobo Shuffle
  12. Nowhere's End
  13. Paradise Lost (interlude)
  14. Burn The City
  15. Topanga Valley
  16. Sophisticated Simplicity (interlude)
  17. Crazy World Crazy World
  18. Codeword Marlene
 in stock $16.01
Items 1 to 4 of 4 on page 1 of 1


Chinchin Germany
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