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Chichester Hospital Radio Uk

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Cat: CHRCD 4. Rel: 04 May 18
  1. The London Studio Group - "Rollin' Easy" (Alcock & Gander Theme)
  2. Tony Kinsey - "In Autumn" (Channel 4 Trafalgar Square Ident)
  3. The New Sounds (Pete Moore) - "Terminal" (BBC Schools Interval music)
  4. The London Studio Orchestra - "World Power" (Channel TV Start Up music)
  5. Herve Roy Group - "Fugue A Katmandou" (Pardon My Genie Theme)
  6. John Fiddy Orchestra - "Getting There" (BBC Ceefax music)
  7. Hans-Gunther Bunz Quartet - "Beatin' John" (BBC Farming Theme)
  8. Rolf-Hans Muller Orchestra - "Ticket To Rio" (Rugby League Theme)
  9. The Hilversum Radio Orchestra - "New York Arrival" (Monty Python Away From It All)
  10. Johnny Pearson Orchestra - "Fields And Hedgerows (All Creatures Great & Small Incidental)"
  11. Ralph Manning Orchestra - "Enamorada Guitarra"
  12. The Sam Fonteyn Group - "Handel In A Hurry" (TV Interval music)
  13. The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra - "Aerial Combat" (Dgar Lustgarten's Scotland Yard Opening Theme 1)
  14. The Queen's Hall Light Orchestra - "Mailed Fist" (Edgar Lustgarten's Scotland Yard Opening Theme 2)
  15. The Telecast Orchestra - "Dramatic Scenes Final Curtain" (Edgar Lustgarten's Scotland Yard Closing Theme)
  16. Trevor Duncan - "The Grand March 2" (Edgar Lustgarten's Scotland Yard Alt. Closing Theme)
  17. Sid Sidney Orchestra With The Pegalo Singers - "House Of The Rising Sun" (BBC Test Card music)
  18. The London Studio Group - "Living Brass"
  19. The Gordon Giltrap Band - "Breaking Free" (Holiday 87 Theme)
  20. Tilsley Orchestral - "Carrot Top" (Hirty Minutes Worth Theme)
  21. The Johnny Scott Group - "King Henry's Beard" (TV Interval music)
  22. The Pandora Orchestra - "Sympatico" (TV Interval music)
  23. Walt Rockman & His Synthesizer Band - "Chicken Run" (Z-Shed Theme)
  24. The London Studio Group - "Jaunty Harmonica & Guitar" (Michael Bentine's Potty Time Theme)
  25. The Happy Mexicans - "Happy Mexican" (BBC Test Cricket Match Theme)
  26. Poul Birkelund, Richard Dahl Eriksen & Ueumann - "Scherzando Un Poco Allegretto" (Maths Workshop Theme)
  27. Gordon Giltrap - "Simply Margaret"
  28. Johnny Pearson Orchestra - "The Awakening" (News At Ten Theme, original Full-Length Stereo version)
  29. Heinz Hotter Orchestra - "Caramel Candy" (BBC Racing Theme)
  30. The London Symphony Orchestra, Robert Irving - "Popular Song From Facade" (The London Symphony Orchestra)
  31. European Sound Stage Orchestra - "Breezy Bounce" (BBC Wightman Cup Tennis Theme)
  32. The Swing Bach Ensemble - "Happy Snaps" (The World Around Us Theme)
  33. European Sound Stage Orchestra - "International Event" (ITV Midweek Match Theme)
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Items 1 to 1 of 1 on page 1 of 1


Chichester Hospital Radio Uk
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