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Chicago Damn

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Experiment Must Continue (2xLP + MP3 download code)
Cat: CHICAGODAMNLP 001. Rel: 21 Oct 13
Deep House
  1. Strawberries & Kream
  2. Agitated
  3. Sleaze
  4. Experiments
  5. Sleep Deprived
  6. Acid Tool
Review: Emerging back in 2010 under a cloud of enigma with a quite excellent debut 12" for Mark E's Merc imprint, Chicago Damn has kept a relatively low profile choosing not to embrace the 'superstar DJ' lifestyle a few of his contemporaries have after a taste of critical success. Instead the UK-based Gavin McClary has surfaced on labels like Wolf Music and Wurst intermittently as well as issuing music via his own Chicago Damn imprint (do seek out his Chris Duckenfield collab I Really Do Believe if you aren't aware of it) Across these releases, McClary has demonstrated a penchant for rough and ready oddball house music indebted to disco and it's an approach explored further here on his debut LP. The six-track Experiments Must Continue LP features overdriven, rowdy house cuts such as "Sleep Deprived" and "Acid Tool" alongside the more stripped back sounds of "Strawberries & Kream" and "Experiments" that will appeal to the techier minded house DJs out there.
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 in stock $16.32
Cat: CHICAGODAMN 002. Rel: 11 Apr 12
Deep House
  1. Attjoh
  2. Joh
  3. Time Waits For No Man
Review: Chicago Damn continues to deliver equal doses of raw ,stripped out house with his latest record, 18 Levels. "Attjoh" opens with darkened laboratory sounds as bubbling test tubes begin to spill a shuffling beat, shaking pads and a Dopplereffekt-esque lead line. "Joh" continues the theme of tough and abstract house; the interesting composition and incorporation of sounds barely hold themselves together while mournful pads and a growling acid line loosely tie the whole track together. "Time Waits For No Man" reveals a warmer side, the gentle bass line and delicate textures making the track glow. The percussion hangs in mid-air while a zero gravity click denotes a lazy swing. Recommended.

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 in stock $3.81
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Chicago Damn
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