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Senti Sabi (12")
Cat: 011 BUZZ. Rel: 14 Mar 05
Deep House
  1. Senti Sabi (Alex S Electro Skankin' mix)
  2. Senti Sabi (Alex S Electric mix)
  3. Senti Sabi (Alex S Dubzz mix)
 in stock $7.27
Cat: 067 BUZZ. Rel: 09 Jul 12
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Head First Then Heart
  2. Head First Then Heart (Ytre Rymden Dansskola remix)
  3. Electronique (Lephtee remix)
Review: Having already impressed with their first album and an accompanying string of singles for Buzzin Fly, Flowers & Sea Creatures return to Ben Watt's label with the pastoral tones of "Head First Then Heart". A tenderly picked guitar melds with drones and the tender vocal croons of Graham and Kosta, before slowly building over a Vangelis approach to bass and soaring melodies. Without a beat in sight, it's left to the remixers to inject some dancefloor energy into the new age folksters, starting with Ytre Rymden Dansskola. His clean and steady disco groove suits the sweet nature of the original, making for an emotive slice of straight-up house. Lephtee goes back into the realms of beatless experimentation as his moody version makes minor melodies out of those formative elements.
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Played by: Vincent Inc, PEZNT
$7.27 SAVE 25%
 in stock $5.45
Cat: 018 BUZZ. Rel: 08 May 06
Minimal/Tech House
  1. So Far Back (Phonique remix)
  2. So Far Back (original mix)
 in stock $7.27
Left (CD)
Cat: CD 009BUZZ. Rel: 05 Apr 10
Rock (All)
  1. Opening
  2. From The Shadow
  3. Everything Must Change
  4. Pale Christmas
  5. Soliders
  6. Faith
  7. Drive
  8. Smile
  9. Fly
  10. On My Own
  11. The First Time
 in stock $9.87
Cat: 015 BUZZ. Rel: 07 Nov 05
Funky/Club House
  1. The Legend Of Papachongo (main mix)
  2. The Legend Of Papachongo (beats N bass)
  3. The Legend Of Papachongo (dub)
  4. The Legend Of Papachongo (acapella)
  5. The Legend Of Papachongo (beats)
 in stock $7.27
Cat: CD 006BUZZ. Rel: 11 Feb 08
Deep House
  1. Always You
  2. Apologies
  3. Dead Souls
  4. Hold Me
  5. I Don't Want
  6. Mon Ange
  7. Lost
  8. No Name
  9. No One
  10. Reason To Stay
  11. Always You (Ewan Pearson remix)
 in stock $13.09
Cat: 031 BUZZ. Rel: 12 Nov 07
Deep House
  1. Always You (Ewan Pearson remix)
  2. Always You (original mix)
  3. Lost (original mix)
 in stock $7.27
Cat: 058 BUZZ. Rel: 28 Mar 11
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Strange Aeons (original mix)
  2. Strange Aeons (SJU Muzic Eternity mix)
Review: With his Walls partner Alessio currently on tour persuading America to indulge in his debut Banjo Or Freakout album, Sam Willis has eschewed the chance to twiddle thumbs in favour of a new solo endeavour in the shape of Snoretex. Risible name aside, you might well have been impressed by the Snoretex contribution to RVNG INTL's recent Harald Grosskopf Resynthesist project - if not we implore you do check it - and further evidence of Willis' solo prowess is evident on this twelve inch release for Buzzin' Fly. More in line with the Allez-Allez EP Willis released on RVNG than Walls, "Strange Aeons" engulfs your senses in a woozy melodic narcosis at a steady pace as frosted mists of industrial feedback gradually rises to the fore. On the flip veteran Chicago house dons Glenn Underground and Boo Williams are coaxed into action as SJU Music to embellish the track with some shuffle, pace and glisten for a remix which is only bettered by the wind turbine pattern that is etched on the B Side.
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Played by: Andre Lodemann
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 in stock $4.73
Golden Ratio EP (double 12")
Cat: 070 BUZZ. Rel: 24 Nov 14
Deep House
  1. Golden Ratio (Charles Webster remix)
  2. Golden Ratio (Charles Webster dub)
  3. Golden Ratio (Charles Webster Golden retouch)
  4. Nathaniel (Ewan Pearson extended edit)
  5. Nathaniel (Ewan Pearson extemded instrumental)
Review: The latest Buzzin Fly release is a plush double-pack collection of remixes of Ben Watt from just two artists. The fact that those two artists are Charles Webster and Ewan Pearson tells you all you need to know about the kind of highly developed musicianship and production that has fed into each version on this release. Webster takes on "Golden Ratio", offering up his trademark sumptuous melodies with that little bit of heartbreak house woven in, and also turns out a surprising and somewhat Balearic "Golden Retouch" that ditches the dancefloor for acoustic pleasantries. Ewan Pearson's edit of "Nathaniel" stretches the track out into a bold and kosmische-infused epic, with an instrumental option on the flip for those who aren't looking for the vocal turn.
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 in stock $8.29
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