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Buddah US

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Cat: 5137. Rel: 01 Jan 90
  1. Barbara Mason - "Child Of Tomorrow"
  2. Badder Than Evil - "Just Plain Luther"
  3. Badder Than Evil - "He'll Be There"
  4. Badder Than Evil - "Roberta's Theme"
  5. Badder Than Evil - "Harlem Dreams"
  6. New Birth - "Come On & Dream Some Paradise"
  7. Badder Than Evil - "Tell That Man To Go To Hell"
  8. Badder Than Evil - "Child Of Tomorrow"
  9. Sister Goose And The Ducklings - "Super Shine #9"
  10. Badder Than Evil - "Hot Wheels"
  11. Barbara Mason - "Child Of Tomorrow"
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Cat: DISCO 115P. Rel: 14 Jun 17
  1. Love Is Always On Your Mind (10:02)
  2. Bourgie' Bourgie' (4:38)
Review: Absolute funk fire from Gladys and co; "Love Is Always On Your Mind" is arguably one of their most overlooked jams in history. Heavily swung and quite gritty in comparison to their other work, it's an instant floor display lavished with stacks of energy and groove. Flip for the heavily referenced, sampled and edited 1980 classic "Bourgie Bourgie". Silky soul disco at its finest. Another white hot reissue success from Buddah.
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Phoenix (12")
Cat: BDSL 488P. Rel: 31 Jan 18
  1. Phoenix (5:23)
  2. East 6th Street (3:37)
Review: Back in the late '70s and early '80s, Aquarian Dream's "Phoenix" was something of an anthem on the UK's soul all-dayer scene. While ostensibly a disco record, the band's jazz-funk roots ensured that it was particularly popular with serious dancers, particularly those who headed for the jazz room rather than the main dancefloor. The Norman Connors-produced cut remains something of a must-have for disco DJs who like their grooves to come with a fair dollop of instrumental solos. This timely re-press also includes the even wilder "East 6th Street" - originally included on the 1979 UK re-issue - which features Aquarian Dream band-members trading solos over a killer disco-funk groove.
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  1. Super Fly
  2. Shaft
  3. Trouble Man/T Stands For Trouble
  4. Slaughter
  5. Freddie's Dead
  6. Across 110th Street
  7. Love Theme From Lady Sings The Blues
  8. Ben
  9. 2001
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The Legendary Zing Album (limited 180 gram vinyl LP)
Cat: 810546. Rel: 09 Jan 19
  1. Penguin At The Big Apple/Zing! Went The Strings Of My Heart (medley) (4:49)
  2. Pray All You Sinners (5:27)
  3. Sixty Minute Man (4:55)
  4. Scruboard (3:14)
  5. Tom's Song (3:10)
  6. Rubber Band (5:16)
  7. Hold Back The Night (3:51)
  8. Penguin At The Big Apple (3:25)
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Cat: 5035. Rel: 01 Jan 90
Psych/Garage Rock
  1. I'm On My Way (A Patch Of Blues) (6:15)
  2. Yesterdays' Folks (3:17)
  3. I'm A Nobody (2:33)
  4. African Sunshine (7:33)
  5. I Hear You Talkin'
  6. Miss Goodbody
  7. Never A Day Goes By
  8. 2069: A Space Oddity (0:18)
 in stock $11.50
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Buddah US
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