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Dead City (12")
Cat: BH 026. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Dead City (5:58)
  2. Sorry To Disappoint (4:21)
  3. Sorry To Disappoint (OB Ignitt remix)
Review: While Dutch electro/techno veteran DJ Overdose's recent releases for Viewlexx and Unknown To The Unknown were devoted to straight-up thrill seeking, this outing on Berceuse Heroique is an altogether more varied prospect. While flipside "Sorry To Disappoint" is a deliciously cheery electro number with distinctive synth-funk overtones, opener "Dead City" is an altogether darker and more disturbed affair. Murky, twisted and clandestine, with jungle style percussion flourishes, black electronics and wild stabs, it's something of twisted, late night treat. A fine EP is completed by Detroiter O.B Ignitt's rework of "Sorry To Disappoint", which re-casts the track as a rolling house groover full of vintage synth work, disco percussion hits and rubbery electric bass notes.
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F Planet (12")
Cat: BH 042. Rel: 27 Nov 17
  1. F Planet (6:09)
  2. Astral Pilot (4:26)
  3. F Planet (Shifted remix) (5:18)
Review: Setting its sights on a group of artists who have already fully established themselves elsewhere, with DJ Spider being brought to the foray by TTT a few years back, and Shifted being part of the ultra-trendy Berlin landscape these days, London's Berceuse Heroique is clearly poising itself for the more mainstream ear - why not, is our opinion! Labels change, new faces arrive. The main surprise here comes from Spider's collaboration with Franklin De Costa, a German producer who himself has been part of the house/techno landscape that verges on the more techy, loopy side of the spectrum. The pair launch a pair of steely, mechanic techno tools with solid grooves at their core, not to mention some gruesome bass bubbling, too, and Shifted's remix is unsurprisingly effective, if a tad on the cold side - but, then again, that's just how the Berlin kids love it. Where to next for BH?
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Played by: PRECIOUS K
 in stock $11.92
Cat: BH 039. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Zwischending (8:15)
  2. Wiederganger (7:26)
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $11.92
Gammellan (12")
Cat: BH 029. Rel: 28 Mar 16
  1. Gammellan (9:26)
  2. Gammellan (Dresvn remix) (6:41)
Review: Florian Meyer is one of the most experimental artists working in dance music and Gammellan shows why he enjoys that status. The follow-up to 2015's Hexentrix on Berceuse Heroique, it sees him take influence from the Indonesian music referenced in the title to construct a dense, percussive rhythm track replete with chiming, melodic riffs that glisten like dew on a lawn at sunrise. The label has also commissioned a great remix; Acido and SUEd pair Dresvn draw on inspiration from the shimmering melodies of early to mid-90s Warp's back catalogue to create a version that teems with intricate melodies and dramatic strings.
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Cat: BH 028. Rel: 16 May 16
  1. Contra Blood (6:26)
  2. Flammarion Breach (6:27)
  3. Rotating Rupees (4:15)
Review: One of the main contributors to Berceuse Heroique delivers a bass-heavy three-track EP. First up is the title track; with its robust breaks and ear-splitting shrieks unfolding over wave upon wave of nausea-inducing sub-bass, it worships at the altar of hardcore. "Flammarion Beach" is also underpinned by a tearing low end, but on this occasion, the bass intensity is offset by high-pitched trance melodies that flit and hover above the arrangement. Closing out the release is "Rotating Rupees". In stark contrast to the other tracks, it's a soft-focus, ambient passage that recalls the more cosmic end of '70s library music, a soothing alternative to Koehler's fury.
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 in stock $11.92
Tumult (12")
Cat: BH 041. Rel: 10 Jul 17
  1. Tumult (5:51)
  2. Tumult (Lurka remix) (5:55)
Played by: Mr Assister
 in stock $11.92
Serpent's Promise (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: BH 016. Rel: 04 May 15
  1. Serpent's Promise (6:00)
  2. Growth Hacking (6:45)
  3. AACF1 (3:33)
Review: Even by the usually robust, dystopian standards of Berceuse Heroique, Serpent's Promise is fiendishly raw. It comes from Australian producer Eugene Ward, best known as Dro Carey and Tuff Sherm, breaking out his lesser used PMM guise. The result is a trio of raw, fuzzy, distorted and, in truth, nightmarish techno jams that are not for the faint hearted. The title track comes across like the soundtrack to a modern-day pagan ritually played out in a dark, subterranean car-park - all bleak, concrete-clad beats, paranoid electro motifs and in-your-face distortion. There's an Autechre-like, out-there electro shuffle to "Growth Hacking", while "AACF1" slows the paced to a smacked-out crawl, layering elastic electronics over razor-sharp shards of rhythm. The whole EP is uncompromising, but better for it.
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