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Ralph Lawson Presents Back To Basics Rare Classics Vol 3 (feat The OG mix & Cajmere, Johnny Fiasco remixes)
  1. Cassio Ware - "I Wanna See You Freak Like This" (The OG Freak mix)
  2. The Chicago Connection - "Dancin'" (Cajmere remix)
  3. Armando - "Don't Take It" (Johnny Fiasco remix)
  4. Da Rebels - "House Nation Under A Groove"
Review: "Introducing Basic Vision, a new imprint releasing a vinyl series of rare classics from the legendary back to basics club. Selected and compiled by the man who played the first ever record at the club, original resident DJ Ralph Lawson, on this release joined by long term resident Tristan Da Cunha on selection duties. All the tracks are cut to vinyl from the original master recordings and given enough time on high quality vinyl to ensure clean, loud pressings with original artwork by the godfather of punk design - Jamie Reid.

The artwork spans across 4 records, which collected together will make the compete picture.

Basic Vision 003 heavily features the birthplace of house, Chicago, with a selection of rare cuts that always move the dance-floor. The highly sought after OG Freak mix of Cassio Ware - I Wanna See You Dance rocks the spot on the A side. This is the original Black House version and not the remixes or re-edits that can be found. Mark Grant and Cajmere only made one record together as The Chicago Connection and it was a true bomb. Mint copies go for L75 but Cajmere's remix is included here and cut loud from the original master recording.

The flip side features a cheeky sneaky as we like to call them in the shape of a lost Johnny Fiasco remix of Armando - Don't Take It. A Mint copy of that cut alone will cost L150. Basic Vision 003 is rounded off nicely with Da Rebels - House Nation Under a Groove, baby !
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Ralph Lawson Presents Back To Basics Rare Classics Vol 4 (feat Masters At Work, Rob Mello, Ralph Lawson & Lost In Time edits)
  1. Chris Cuevas - "Hip Hop" (MAW dub - Rob Mello extended edit)
  2. Eddie Fowlkes - "Where Will I Be?" (RL edit)
  3. Free Energy - "Happiness"
  4. Black Science Orchestra - "New Jersey Deep" (Lost In Time edit)
Review: Basic Vision 004 features a selection of late night classics from the legendary dance-floor of back to basics. The club was one of the first in the UK to receive a late license in the mid 90s. This allowed DJs to play long late night sets. There was a glass roof at The Pleasure Rooms venue where these tracks were played, which in summer let the sunshine in, so there the last set became a sunrise session. All the cuts included on this record are bona fide early morning rare classics records from the club. There are also two previously unreleased edits. The first is a Rob Mellow extended version of the Masters at Work dub of Chris Cuevas - 'Hip Hop'. Then there is the unreleased Lost in Time edit of Black Science Orchestra - New Jersey Deep. This track was often featured by Lawson as the last track of the night during the Pleasure Rooms years. Original Detroit techno pioneer Eddie Fowlkes' highly sought after 'Where Will I Be? is featured after years being deleted and will not be available digitally. The record is completed with Free Energy aka Joshua IZ - 'Happiness' from Guidance records, one of the all time great house music records from San Francisco.
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