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Balance 19 (mixed CD)
Cat: BAL 19CD. Rel: 07 Nov 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. TVA - "Radio Camaldoli Stereo"
  2. Andrea Oliva - "Empty Lips"
  3. Dark Sky - "Rainkist" (Trevinos Heartbeat remix)
  4. Gui Boratto - "Joker" (Dave DK mix)
  5. Ricardo Tobar - "Garden" (Daniel Avery remix)
  6. Alex Niggemann - "Hurricane" (feat The Shadow Self - club mix)
  7. Trikk - "Volta"
  8. Dubspeeka - "SK4"
  9. Baikal - "Pelican's Flight"
  10. Philipp Stoya - "Rula"
  11. TVA - "Stolen Jacket"
  12. Speaking Minds - "Monongahela" (Denis Horvat remix)
  13. MUUI - "Rsrsrs"
  14. Aril Brikha & Sebastian Mullaert - "Illuminate"
  15. Valent - "Crisis Of Faith"
  16. Etapp Kyle - "Opto"
  17. Alex Niggemann - "Divergent"
  18. Antigone - "Blue Note"
  19. O [Phase] - "Astryx"
Review: The 19th volume in the ongoing - and long-established - Balanced mix series comes from Alex Niggeman, a DJ/producer arguably best known for his work on Tsuba, Poker Flat and, more recently, Last Night On Earth. He begins his 19-track journey with a spot of otherworldly ambience (TVA's sublime "Radio Camaldoli Stereo"), before slowly raising the tempo via a mixture of atmospheric tech-house shufflers, icy deep house cuts, and tactile, melody-rich builders. He naturally veers further towards early morning German techno territory as the mix progresses, throwing in impressive selections from the likes of Baikal, Aril Brika & Sebastian Mullaert, Etapp Kyle and Antigone.
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Do Not Sleep (mixed 2xCD)
Cat: BAL 018CD. Rel: 01 Aug 16
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Darius Syrossian - "Intro"
  2. Demarkus Lewis - "Electric Wiggle"
  3. Tim Deluxe - "Tryin' Find A Way" (club mix)
  4. Darius Syrossian - "Andranik"
  5. Dennis Ferrer - "The Red Room" (OBJ vocal mix)
  6. Darius Syrossian - "Return Of The Favela People"
  7. Visa Americain - "Apollonia"
  8. DJ T - "Music Is Therapy"
  9. Bas Ibellini - "That's Right"
  10. Burnski - "Changes" (dub mix)
  11. Laurent Garnier - "Crispy Bacon"
  12. Darius Syrossian - "What You Say"
  13. Mar T & Luca Donzelli - "Sunday Sampling"
  14. Ian Pooley - "Roller Skate Disco"
  15. Matt Tolfrey & Hearthrob - "Can you Control It?"
  16. House of Virus - "Pacific State" (Barber & Finn remix)
  17. Deetron - "Photon"
  18. Francesco Tristano - "Idyosynkrassia"
  19. Smokin' Jo - "Now What"
  20. Two Armadillos - "Jazz Falutin"
  21. Marc Faenger - "Little Helper 224-2"
  22. Darius Syrossian - "The Renegade"
  23. Darius Syrossian - "Give It To Me"
  24. Darius Syrossian - "Unicorn Zone"
  25. Makam - "Girls Night"
  26. Darius Syrossian - "Beetham Tower"
  27. Sleeper Thief - "Full Of You"
  28. Kacob Korn & Break SL - "You and Me" (feat Tabitha Xavier)
  29. Prompt & Onuba - "Zora" (Silicone Soul Hypno house dub)
  30. Larry Heard presents Mr White - "The Sun Can't Compare" (long version)
  31. Dr Dr - "Addicted" (Bwana remix)
  32. Jimpster - "Porchlight & Rocking Chairs" (Kink remix)
Review: On this quietly impressive double-disc mix, Leeds-raised Darius Syrossian invites us to forgo sleep in favour of throwing ourselves face-first in the party lifestyle. Fittingly, the two DJ mixes he's crafted fit the bill, offering a smooth but undulating journey through dancefloor dynamics. On disc one, he begins in deep, swinging and jazzy fashion (check the lilting trumpets of Tim Deluxe's smoky "Tryin To Find A Way"), before building towards peak-time via chunky tunes from DJ T, Ian Pooley, Burnski and Laurent Garnier (whose classic "Crispy Bacon" is still capable of sending shivers down the spine). There's a darker, woozier and altogether later feel to disc two, with Syrossian expertly drifting between tribal-influenced deep house, pulsating tech-house, and the acid-flecked wonkiness of Sleeper Thief's "Full Of You".
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Balance 029
Balance 029 (2xCD)
Cat: BAL 022CD. Rel: 09 Feb 18
Minimal/Tech House
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