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Art Yard

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Weird Fiction (limited hand-numbered heavyweight vinyl LP)
Cat: ARTYARDLP 2017. Rel: 27 Jun 17
  1. No Hopper (4:49)
  2. Prophet (8:45)
  3. The Red Tower (5:33)
  4. Baudelaire (8:01)
  5. No Hopper (instrumental) (7:18)
  6. Ladder Of Perfection (4:42)
 in stock $21.29
  1. Stablemates (intro) (0:50)
  2. Funny Time (7:02)
  3. Uptighttedness (4:41)
  4. Eastern Vibrations (9:22)
  5. Sabia (7:03)
  6. East Of Uz (8:44)
  7. The Waltz (8:32)
  8. Stablemates (1:08)
 in stock $25.29
Disco 3000 (reissue)
Broken Beat/Nu Jazz
  1. Disco 3000
  2. Third Planet
  3. Friendly Galaxy
  4. Dance Of The Cosmos-Aliens
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coming soon $17.31
  1. Along Came Ra (Lost Ark Vol 1) (10:30)
  2. The Sky Is A Sea Of Darkness When There Is No Sun To Light The Way (2:30)
  3. We Travel The Spaceways (6:36)
  4. Love Is For Always (6:50)
  5. The World Of Africa (3:03)
  6. Space Is The Place, We Roam The Cosmos (10:13)
Review: Previously available on Art Yard as a separate series of 10"s, The Lost Arkestra Series returns on a double-packed release for all those that missed it the first time around - or simply for the endless nut job collectors who need their second edition. 1983's live version of "Along Came Ra" is from a gig in Paris, and this particular version is the one real killer that's been missing from our charts - all that percussive glory would go down a storm in just about any DJ set, that's for sure; On the flip you have two minimal (synth) cuts that were from the original tapes of Disco 3000...we're sure you understand just how special this is now. The second disc, which is the original volume 2, sees a series of recordings from the 1970s series of Saturn LPs, which feature Sun Ra's much deeper, jazzier personality. A magical ride from start to finish. Cop it before it's too late.
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 in stock $17.31
  1. Springtime Again (9:18)
  2. Door Of The Cosmos (9:01)
  3. Sleeping Beauty (11:50)
 in stock $17.31
Cat: ARTYARD 444COSMOEPIC. Rel: 20 Apr 18
  1. On Jupiter (3:59)
  2. UFO (8:36)
  3. Seductive Fantasy (17:08)
 in stock $17.31
I Roam The Cosmos (heavyweight vinyl LP + insert)
Cat: ARTYARD 2021LP. Rel: 06 Dec 16
  1. I Roam The Cosmos Astro Black/Discipline 27-II (25:32)
  2. I Roam The Cosmos/Discipline 27-II (25:52)
 in stock $29.02
Items 1 to 7 of 7 on page 1 of 1


Art Yard
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