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Applied Rhythmic Technology US

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Drive (12")
Cat: ARTDDS 8. Rel: 22 Feb 12
  1. Drive
  2. When I Throw Down
out of stock $7.29
Cat: ART 141. Rel: 03 Jul 13
  1. State Of Mind 1
  2. State Of Mind 2
  3. State Of Mind 3 (feat Fabio Petrosino)
Played by: Kirk Degiorgio
out of stock $7.29
Cat: ART 142. Rel: 03 Jul 13
  1. State Of Mind 4
  2. State Of Mind 5
  3. State Of Mind 6
out of stock $7.29
Cat: ART-DDS 3. Rel: 01 Sep 10
  1. Exodus Earth
  2. New Genesis
Review: In "Exodus Earth" UK techno ledge Degiorgio has delivered one of the most instantly gratifying techno tracks of recent times. Classic Detroit atmospherics are merged brilliantly with contemporary production techniques as Degiorgio combines driving relentless percussion with trance inducing synth work. Destined to be heard bouncing off the walls of clubs across the globe.
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out of stock $5.48
Swarm (12")
Cat: ARTDDS 1. Rel: 17 Dec 09
  1. Swarm
  2. A Way Of Life
  3. Distant Realm
Review: The man sometimes known as As One or Esoterik (to name just a few of his many alter egos) returns with the Swarm EP, bringing his truckload of influences and experience with him. His A.R.T label (Applied Rhythmic Technology) has previously released early work by legendary artists like Aphex Twin and Carl Craig, and this release won't damage that lofty reputation one bit.

As a former soul-boy and rare groover, Degiorgio brings something different to his Detroit-leaning Techno excursions, as seen on A Way of Life which combines beautifully arpeggiated keys and life-affirming chords to keep you locked in the for the ride. While A Way of Life is an airy cosmic odyssey, Swarm is heavier and more pumping, with some dark textures laid over a driving beat that'll keep the floor working easily. Final track Distant Realm keeps the hi-hats high and adds some distantly modulating pads for texture, all the while keeping the vibe peak-time and club friendly. It's obvious that a journeyman of Degiorgio's calibre has picked up some tricks over the years, but when it sounds as good as this, it's almost as though he's showing off.
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out of stock $6.52
Nairobi (12")
Cat: ART-NR 1. Rel: 21 Sep 10
  1. Nairobi (original mix)
  2. Nairobi (Carl Craig remix)
  3. Unruly
Review: Not content with releasing an absolute beast of a track recently in the shape of "Exodus Earth", Kirk Degiorgio reaches into his archives to give one of his most revered moments a re-release via his Applied Rhythmic Technology label. Originally out at the turn of the century on the long defunct New Religion imprint, "Nairobi" and the accompanying remix from Carl Craig have been on the want list for many a DJ. It's the Carl Craig remix that impresses most, a textbook example in tension building with the Detroit don taking some two minutes to fully unleash the thumping beat. Not hard to see why DJ Hell included it in his recent Body Language mix for Get Physical.

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out of stock $7.29
  1. Promenade Eleven
  2. Promenade Eleven (Kirk Degiorgio remix)
Review: ART-NR2 is the third release in A(Applied) R(Rhythmic) T(Technology) Records Re-master series following on from Carl Craig's Psyche/BFC and Kirk Degiorgio's "Nairobi" EP. "Promenade Eleven" lives up to the billing of those illustrious predecessors, being a reverse-engineered remake of "Night on the Promenade" which originally appeared in limited quantities on the New Religion label in 2006 under the name "Super-A-Loof". The re-worked A-Side is as delightful as its cosmic original. Fit for a soundtrack, it's dramatic yet dreamy soundscape trickles effortlessly into every pore while an earthy kick makes for movement. Kirk Degiorgio takes up the remixer role on the flip, delicately cupping the spacey atmosphere and giving it all the respect it deserves. But, by adding some punchy claps and a delightful groove - Degiorgio modernizes "Promenade Eleven" for today's floors.
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out of stock $7.29
Wireless (12")
Cat: ART 18. Rel: 01 Jun 16
  1. Wireless (4:15)
  2. Moonbase (5:05)
  3. Pusher (4:13)
  4. Fallow (4:42)
Review: Kirk Degiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology label shakes itself out of a two year release slumber with this freshly-pressed and freshly-dressed 12" from London Modular Alliance. This Wireless 12" is the debut release from the London Modular Alliance trio of Simon Lynch, Phil Ventre and Gavin 'Koova' Pykerman but there is a confidence exhibited throughout that is a reflection of the bond developed over a series of live sets together. A razor sharp approach to darker strains of electro is the order of the day here, witness how the various elements on lead track "Wireless" fizz aggressively against each other, whilst "Marauder" almost sounds like Randomer trying his hand at the style. "Pusher" sees the trio veer off into hardcore territory and will probably sound immense on a big system, though the intensity never quite boils over in the manner you want it too! "Fallow" closes the 12" out with a heady atmospheric approach complemented by some icy rhythmic snaps.
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out of stock $8.33
Turn Off The Light (12") (1 per customer)
Cat: ART 19. Rel: 14 Mar 18
  1. Turn Off The Light (5:03)
  2. Buchla Flux (1:54)
  3. Nebulous Thoughts (4:28)
  4. Round The Bridge (5:18)
  5. Cherenkov Light (4:05)
Review: You couldn't accuse Applied Rhythmic Technology boss Kirk Degiorgio of jumping on the London Modular Alliance bandwagon; his Suffolk-based label was one of the first to release material by the hardware-obsessed trio back in 2016. It's fitting, then, that they should return to the label with arguably their strongest EP to date. Check first the sub-heavy thrills of opener "Turn Off The Light", a track whose weighty bottom-end, dub-wise rhythm and minimalist construction recalls the early days of UK "bleep and bass", before turning your attention to the mid-tempo, Drexciya-inspired thrills of "Round The House". Elsewhere, we've also been enjoying the Rod Modell style enveloping ambient of "Cherenkov Light" and the angular, acid-electro hum of "Nebulous Thoughts".
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Played by: Caspian Rabone
 in stock $8.33
Precious Materials (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ART 20. Rel: 12 Jun 19
  1. Peach Hat (5:46)
  2. Harnessed Black Holes (3:55)
  3. Lavendah (5:14)
  4. Precious Materials (4:37)
Review: Analogue hardware enthusiasts London Modular Alliance return to Kirk Degiorgio's storied Applied Rhythmic Technology label following a string of fine outings on Private Persons and Dimensions Recordings. Interesting, LMA believe that the EP boasts their strongest collection of cuts to date and we tend to agree. Opener "Peach Heat" sets the tone via rubbery but rock solid electro beats, wild electronics and echoing deep space sounds, before they pitch down the tempo on the sparse, spaced-out heaviness of "Harnessed Black Holes". Further body-rocking dancefloor explorations are provided on the flip, first by the Dexter style heavy electro throb of "Lavendah" and then via the booming bass, foreboding tribal drums and razor-sharp TB-303 pulses of "Precious Materials".
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Played by: London Modular
 in stock $9.13
Cat: ARTDDS 5. Rel: 07 Dec 11
  1. Odd Things Amount To Nothing
  2. Here Comes The Swing
out of stock $7.29
Cat: ART 15. Rel: 12 Dec 13
  1. Daphne Love
  2. Heart Of Madness
  3. Daphne Love (Nick Dunton remix)
out of stock $7.29
Cat: ARTOA 1. Rel: 24 May 17
Drum And Bass
  1. T'Raenon (7:20)
  2. T'Raenon (version) (8:57)
  3. Kanei (7:29)
Review: Back in 1996, Rupert Parkes had yet to establish himself as one of drum and bass's most musically talented producers. It would be fair to say that "T'Raenon", his sole EP for Kirk Degiorgio's Operation Applied Rhythmic Technology (Op-ART) label, remains one of the standout releases of his early period. Here presented in lusciously re-mastered form, the title track remains a deliciously dreamy, melodious and atmospheric trip into deep drum & bass territory with distinctive nods to mid '90s intelligent techno. Those influences are explored further on the flipside "Version" of the title track, as well as the slow-burning IDM delight that is closer "Kenei".
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out of stock $9.13
  1. Psyche - "Neurotic Behaviour"
  2. Psyche - "How The West Was Won"
  3. BFC - "Chicken Noodle Soup"
  4. BFC - "Sleep"
Played by: Dan Lodig
out of stock $12.51
Uplink (12")
Cat: ART 12. Rel: 09 Jan 13
  1. Uplink
  2. Uplink (Frank Mueller remix)
  3. Uplink (John Selway remix I)
  4. Uplink (John Selway remix II)
Review: Kirk DeGiorgio's Applied Rhythmic Technology imprint remains refreshing in their outlook despite their 20 years plus vintage, with this label debut from Pittsburgh's Shaun Rudiman a near perfect example of their uncompromising approach. Long regarded as one of The Steel City's most passionate advocates of the Futurist Techno more commonly associated with Detroit, Rudiman's "Uplink" feels like a mission statement. At first bristling with interest, Rudiman launches unannounced into a rattling concoction of funked up machine soul that has techno as it's mainframe but sounds unique all the same. ART complement this original with remixes from Frank Mueller and John Selway, with the former offer a constantly shifting rendition that flirts with Rudiman's alien melodies, whilst the latter drops two differing yet equally charged remixes.
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out of stock $6.52
Cat: ART 10. Rel: 08 Feb 11
  1. Transmission
  2. We Stand United I
  3. Reticuli
  4. We Stand United II
Review: The prestige of a release on Keith Worthy's Aesthetic imprint was the impetus for a production renaissance from UK producer Miles Sagnia that has seen impressive outings on Ornate and his own AER imprint in recent times. An indicator of his standing amongst the house and techno cognoscenti can be measured the invitation to deliver the tenth release on Kirk DeGiorgio's recently relaunched Applied Rhythmic Technologies imprint. Sagnia does not disappoint either, dropping straight into crisply produced techno rhythms doused in liquid acid effects on the title track "Transmission" which soon opens out into a haunting melodic future techno epic characterised by crystalline flourishes and rubbery pads. "United We Stand I" is a beatless opening gambit to the ideas Sagnia explores on the B Side, all warm glowing chords to a backdrop of soft clicking undulations. Lifting you out of that sonic abyss is the scratched throb of "Reticuli", aimed squarely at the club with panned bumping programming touching on a base of bubbling acid and futuristic textures. Very impressive.
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out of stock $7.29
Cat: ART-DDS 6. Rel: 29 Feb 12
  1. Future Tense
  2. More Than One
out of stock $7.29
out of stock $7.29
Messier 66 (12")
Cat: ART-DDS 2. Rel: 20 Apr 10
  1. Messier 66
  2. Anadine
  3. Paucity
out of stock $9.65
Luid (12")
Cat: ART 13. Rel: 13 Mar 13
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Luid
  2. Duidelijk
  3. Luid (Mark Broom club mix)
  4. Luid (Mark Broom dub mix)
out of stock $7.04
Rapture (12")
Cat: ART 11.1. Rel: 28 Oct 11
  1. Rapture (original mix)
  2. Rapture (Ian O'Brien remix)
Review: Those who have witnessed Claude Young scratching and cutting up techno records using his nose, chin and elbow will view the amiable Detroit native as a DJ first and foremost. The reality is that he also has a strong back catalogue of releases. That said, it has been a while since he put out any new material, but this collaboration with Takasi Nakajima marks a welcome return. Rapture is a classic Detroit cut, with a menacing bassline providing the basis for breathy, airy melodies. It recalls the vintage work of Aril Brikha or later period E-Dancer. The release also finds fellow techno traveler Ian O'Brien back in the fray, and his shimmering synths and rolling, rollicking groove recalls his 'Mad Mike Disease' classic.
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out of stock $6.52
  1. Rapture (Kirk Degiorgio remix)
  2. Rapture (TJ Kong remix)
Review: Applied Rhythmic Technology revisit Rapture, the rather fine return to production for amiable Detroit native Claude Young and studio sparring partner Takasi Nakajima. Label boss Kirk DeGiorgio steps up for the A Side duties, flipping the classic Motor City strains of the original into a growling industrial tinged behemoth that's fully primed for those peak time moments - though some of the original's charm is retained via those airy melodies which are stretched to breaking point. Surprisingly it's the flipside remix from Dutchman TJ Kong that really comes correct, aligning with the authentic machine funk endeavours of the Lowlands crew. Rippling, ever deviating rhythms are at the core, with undulating synth patterns soaring above the constant metallic crunch of drum machine funk. The midway swerve into heaving chunks of shimmering melody will prove illuminating in the right environment.
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out of stock $6.52
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Applied Rhythmic Technology US
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