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Analogue Systems

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Analogue Systems

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Analogue Systems RS-100N Lowpass Module
Cat: 777029
low pass filter module
Notes: This low pass filter is a very good -24dB/octave Moog filter, based on the classic Moog cascade with selected, low-noise transistors. Being the successor of the RS-100, the new "S" version features several improvements regarding stability, tracking, distortion behavoiur and also the frequency range.

Two signal inputs, resonance, manually and voltage controlled cutoff frequency. Frequency range 10Hz to 35kHz with CVs applied. The transistors used in the filter cascade are low-noise and have been selected and matched in pairs to improve the frequency response over the whole frequency range. A better stability guarantees, after a one minute heating time, that the filter can be used as a clean and well tracking sine wave oscillator.
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Analogue Systems RS-110N Multimode Filter Module
Cat: 777031
multimode filter module
Notes: The RS-110N is a resonant analog multimode filter with excellent sound, resonance and four simultaneously available filter types. An insert function in the feedback loop allows you to insert other audio processors.

The module has two audio inputs, each with a level control. "unity gain" is reached at position 4, beyond this the signal will be overdriven at the filter input. The cutoff frequency can be set manually in a range of 30Hz to over 15kHz, with additional CVs even up to 50kHz. Separate audio outputs for the four filter types are available: 24dB low pass, 24dB high pass, 12dB band pass and 12dB notch. Resonance goes up to self-oscillation and besides that it offers an unique feature: the socket Res-Out and Res-In act like an insert i.e. they allow you to process the audio signal in the feedback loop by other audio processors like filters, distortions, delays, frequency shifters etc. You get very wicked results when you connect the notch output with the resonance input. It sounds very metallic and the filter behavoiur gets more aggressive. Generally it is fun to cross-connect the separate outputs with the CV and audio inputs and to use the filter in a modular way.
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Analogue Systems RS-180N VCA Module
Cat: 777037
VCA module
Notes: VCA-Module with exponential and linear control inputs. This way it can be controlled by any CVs and it is suitable to control audio signals as well as CVs.

With the "initial level" control you can open the VCA manually what is handy if the modulation signal is bipolar: e.g. when doing a tremolo with a sine wave LFO. Tow CV inputs with attenuators are available: The linear one is better when you want to control CV signals or if the modulation signal is a slow LFO. The exponential input is better for punchy, fast modulation, e.g. by an envelope and is also better suited when you want to control audio signals. Two signal inputs make a mixer module pre-VCA obsolete.
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Analogue Systems RS-35N External Processor Dual Bus Module
Cat: 776858
external processor dual bus module
Notes: The RS-35N contains three circuits for extracting control voltages from an audio signal: frequency-to-voltage generator, level-to-voltage generator and a trigger generator. It has a new faceplate with elongated holes.

Frequency-to-voltage (FREQ-V): This circuit of the RS-35 circuitry is also known as "pitch-to-voltage converter". It analyzes an audio signal and creates a frequency dependent control voltage. The higher the frequency the higher the voltage is. the input accepts signals of ±10V. The V-Slew control can smoothen abrupt changes in the output signal and thus create a portamento up to 2 seconds length.

The "V-range" switch determines the voltage range at the output. In the 1V/oct mode it will generate a control voltage with !V/osctave characteristic and a range of -4V to 3V. In VARY mode the "vary depth" control sets the onversion range from 0V to 0.5V/oct. In this mode the voltage range at the output is -10V to 6V.

The switch "F-Range"sets frequency range to be analyzed. "kHz" converts frequencies from 20Hz to 1,2kHz with a accuracy better than 1%. "10kHz" converts frequencies from "100Hz to 10kHz with an accuracy better than 2%.

HELD-V: Without an input signal the voltage will not drop back to zero but instead it will be held until the next trigger is generated by the according section (see below). Accuracy is 5% in low bass (20Hz to 100 Hz) and 1% in 100Hz - 1.2Hz range. In the 10kHz mode of the FREQ-V circuit the accuracy is constantly 2% over the whole 10kHz range.

Level to voltage (LEVEL-V): This unit is commonly known as "envelope follower". It produces a control voltage depending on the amplitude of the audio signal. A LED shows activity. Abrupt steps in the signal can be smoothened with the LV-SLEW contol (max. 1s). LV-LEVEL controls the output level from 0V to 10V.

TRIGGER: A 5V pulse wave is generated from the audio signal in the range between 1Hz and 10kHz. The circuit´s sensitivity is adjusted with the TRIG-SENSE control.
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Analogue Systems RS-380N Multifunction Dual Bus Module
Cat: 776869
dual bus module
Notes: Multifunction module containing LFO, sample and hold, noise and VCA. Incredibly versatile unit as well as excellent modulation controller when used in conjunction with Demon and Sorcerer and other analogue keyboards with mod wheel or joystick capabilities. Cost effective and rack space efficient. It has a new front panel design with elongated holes.

The RS-380N is a composite module comprising four separate ‘sub-modules’ that you can patch together or with other RS Integrator modules to generate and control a wide range of effects.

It is designed for use when space is at a premium, and combines a flexible Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator (VC-LFO) with a noise generator, a Voltage Controlled Amplifier (VCA) and a random signal (sample & hold) generator.

Voltage controlled LFO with two selectable frequency ranges: LOW goes from 0.3Hz to 6Hz and HIGH from 5Hz to 1.500Hz; using control voltages you can reach lower and higher frequencies, though. The CV input is not compliant to the 1V/octave characteristic. Two waveforms are available: square and triangle.

Analog noise generator that produces white noise.

Sample & Hold: due to normalized sockets you can use this sub-module without patching as the LFO´s square wave and the white noise are pre-patched. Alternatively you can insert other signals than the internal white noise through the Source In socket.

VCA: classic VCA with one signal input, two signal outputs and one CV input.
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Analogue Systems RS-500N Synthifilter Module
Cat: 777032 Rel: 26 Jun 20
filter module
Notes: Genuine EMS synthi filter, with redesigned faceplate!

This legendary filter can be switched between pre1974 and post 1974 filter type and response. For the first time response can be voltage controlled which was designed on the circuit board but not available on the matrix. This module is made under license from EMS. The only officially licensed remake of the EMS diode lowpass filter used in the VCS3 and AKS synths. It´s a faithful recreation of the original circuit, featuring some modifications that are also done on vintage EMS equipment, like a switchable faster CV response option for very quick modulations. Another switch determines if the filter has 18dB/oct slope as used by EMS pre-1974 or 24dB. The cutoff frequency and also the resonance are voltage controllable. Signal inputs and outputs have level controls.
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Analogue Systems RS-510N Synthishaper Module
Cat: 777036 Rel: 02 Jul 20
LFO/envelope generator module
Notes: The Synthishaper module is made under license of the EMS and is a remake of the EMS envelope shaper known from VCS3, Synthi A and AKS.

It is a very unique modulator which can be used as a trapeze or triangle shape LFO and/or a attack-hold-decay envelope generator. For the real EMS feeling combine the 500e Filter with the 510 Trapezoid. The Trapezoid Generator has Attack, On, Decay, Off parameters. The "Off" parameter can determine a amount of time until the envelope can be re-triggered. A very short "off" time will make the unit loop, changing it into a LFO. VC of Decay time, Gate input and a manual trigger button. Two signal outputs that can be adjusted in level in polarity with one common knob. Additionally the module has an internal VCA which explains the Signal in- and output and is being controlled by the trapezoid signal.
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Analogue Systems RS-60N Envelope Module
Cat: 777035
envelope module
Notes: Flexible ADSR envelope with voltage control of decay and release times. Interesting hold and repeat functions turn the envelope into a LFO with gating functions. Classic ADSR type envelope generator. Decay and release times can be voltage controlled via a common input for positive CVs between 0 and 10V. Time ranges of the segments: Attack: 0,5mS to 10S; Decay: 2,5mS to 20S; Release: 2,5mS to 20S.

Two switches affect the behaviour of the RS-60 in different ways:

- STD/STD: Normal ADSR mode. A gate triggers and holds the envelope up to the release phase.

- HOLD/STD: hold will hold the envelope at sustain level. Signals in the gate input have no effect. A signal at the Trig/Retrig-In restarts the AD phase and keeps the envelope at sustain level until the next trigger.

- ONESHOT/STD: Press the swithc into oneshot position and you´ll fire the envelope once. trigger signals at the Trig-Retrig-In will restart th envelope only when oneshot switch is pressed.

- HOLD / GATED REPEAT and HOLD / AUTO REPEAT have the same effect. Attack and decay phases will be repeated and the module acts as a LFO. Rate is dependent on the A/D times and range from 0.003Hz to 300Hz. A gate at the Trig-Retrig-In holds the signal at 10V, without gate the LFO continues cycling.

- STD / GATED REPEAT: The envelope will onbly be looped when a gate signal is present at the Gate-Trig-in

- STD / AUTO REPEAT: A gate at the Trig-Retrig-In holds the signal at 10V, without gate the LFO continues cycling.

- ONE SHOT / GATED REPEAT and ONE SHOT / AUTO REPEAT have the same effect. The oneshot switch generates a gate and fires the envelope. A gate at the Gate-Trig-in will hold the envelope at 10V, without gate the envelope will be looped. The envelope signal is present at two outputs A and B and it´s level can be controlled and inverted with a potentiometer.
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Analogue Systems RS-95N VCO Dual Bus Module
Cat: 776867 Rel: 26 Jun 20
oscillator module
Notes: The RS-95N oscillator is a premium, british sounding VCO with waveshaping possiblities. It has a new front panel design with elongated holes.

It is based on the RS-90 but has more features, predominantly a very special sine wave.

The RS-95N presented here is technically identical but instead a normal frequency control it features a gorgeous, lockable potentiometer with ten turns. This allows precise fine tune control and adds the look of an EMS synthesiser to the VCO.

The module has three audio outputs: pulse, triangle and sine.

The upper shape control affects the pulse width. The lower shape control not only morphs from a falling sawtooth over triangle to a rising saw (or ramp) but simultaneously alters the sine wave and produces a kind of smoothed, softer sawtooth. Additionally the saw/sine output is a CV-INPUT for the symmetry of the sine. Very extraordinary feature that all are voltage controllable.

The oscillator sync is "soft" and not only reacts to square waves but works with all waveforms.

The frequency control has three switchable modes:

STD (standard) with a range of two octaves.
2 is two octaves lower than STD.
WIDE mode gives a range from 0.3 Hz - 17kHz and thus allows use of the RS-95 as VC-LFO with waveshaping options!
The "vary" control not only attenuates but also can amplify the pitch CV. It controls linearly from 0V over 1V/oct to 0.4 V/oct.
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Analogue Systems
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