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Albina Music Trust US Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Albina Music Trust US
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Let Me In
Let Me In (LP + insert)
Cat: AMT 007. Rel: 31 Jul 23
Would It Matter (6:13)
Let Me In (2:44)
Headed For The Disco (3:15)
All I Want To Do (3:30)
Summertime In The Sunshine (3:37)
Blazermania (3:18)
Review: Songwriter Ron Stassens assembled a team of musicians in 1977 in anticipation of local side the Portland Trailblazers taking an NBA championship title. Milton Davis was the chosen front man and the music made got regional plays but not more so the band went their separate ways. But not before recording the album that is now presented here via Albina Music Trust. It is a funk work of the highest order with six super tight grooves all laden with percussion, disco energy and big vocals. These will all do plenty of damage in the right setting and remind why Davis is such a cult figure.
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 in stock $25.94
The Melodies Of A Branch
The Melodies Of A Branch (limited LP + insert)
Cat: AMT 008. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Theme - A Black Thought (4:24)
Purity/Honesty (4:33)
Togetherness (9:01)
Influence (6:20)
Motion (3:46)
Patience (5:40)
Tribal (5:38)
Theme - Black Lives Matter (1:04)
Longing (4:54)
Review: The Albina Music Trust aims to amplify Portland's musical past by working with underrepresented soul musicians, one such artist being 23-year-old drummer, composer and educator Domo Branch. Branch has come up through the ranks of the American Music Program - a crucial proving ground for Portland's jazz musicians - and now lives in Manhattan, performing with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra under the direction of Wynton Marsalis. Sparse and minimalist in its ingredients it may seem superficially, but closer investigation reveals there's polyrhythmic power and heaps of unpredictable expression in his free improvisation.
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 in stock $25.67
Lights Out
Lights Out (limited 12" + booklet)
Cat: AMT 005. Rel: 24 Aug 22
Tonight (5:12)
Take It (4:42)
Surrender Your Love (4:08)
Hey Girl (4:34)
Review: A recreational offshoot of the band Pleasure, Portland's Lights Out were led by their trumpeter Tonmy Collins as a way of staying musically exercised, pushing the envelope and getting a few local bookings on the side when Pleasure weren't on the road. Their sound started out as jazz fusion but they soon developed into a monstrously funky synth/-led funk rollercoaster. as vocalist Andy Stokes and guitarist Greg "Gee Mack" Dalton fronted the band.
The four tracks here were recorded as a demo for Solar Records in 1982 at Wave Sound Studios - a facility more used to housing punk acts such as The Wipers and The Rats - but the label 'fumbled' it and the band fellow apart soon after. Some 40 years on, the likes of 'Surrender Your Love' and 'Tonight' still sound fresh as the proverbial daisy, and likely to lure feet onto the dancefloor.

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 in stock $27.26
Shades Of Brown
Shades Of Brown (12" + insert)
Cat: AMT 010. Rel: 10 Jun 24
Searchin' For Love (4:07)
Black Woman (4:36)
Teasin' Woman (3:57)
Girl In The Streets (2:32)
Review: In 1969, Albina in the US underwent a pivotal transformation which saw the arrival of Black residents displaced by the Vanport floods. While a local Black economy thrived to start with, the neighbourhood eventually got neglected due to disinvestment by the city's elites but citizens didn't take it lying down and some of them formed Shades Of Brown, a group that emerged at the Albina Arts Center which was a haven for artists during civil unrest. With members from various musical acts, they found unity under leader Thara Memory who instilled discipline and required them to read and write music before performing. This EP, which is the group's sole record, embodies their camaraderie and the community's struggle against neglect across six raw-as-you-like funk cuts laden with emotion and narrative.
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 in stock $25.67
Transport (limited LP + insert)
Cat: AMT 006. Rel: 24 Aug 22
Latin Summer (6:54)
Tut's Strut (5:12)
Song For Valerie (7:27)
Chrome Dome (9:00)
Time Of My Life (11:17)
Review: Stylistically freed up by the demise of disco at the end of the 70s, Transport from Portland, Oregon. fused jazz and funk and employed them with a frighteningly intense musicianship. The six tracks here, getting their first release after 40 years sitting idle, showcase the skills and apparent genetic

telekinesis of brothers and fellow keyboardists Jimmy and Johnny Sanders as well as the hard edged complexities of drummer Towner Galaher, who proves he's as adept at dishing out straight forward beats as he is mixing up the time signatures and running round the kit.
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Played by: Red Greg
 in stock $25.67
Youthsound: A Special Concert Of Young Talent
Cat: AMT 009. Rel: 29 Jan 24
Worship The Lord (4:39)
Thank You Lord (feat Martell Irons) (3:09)
The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (feat Linda Tellis) (2:29)
I Need To Pray (feat Iris Holliday) (3:40)
The Greatest Love Of All (feat Ken Berry) (5:38)
Lord Don't Move That Mountain (feat Goldie Irby) (5:44)
Expressions (feat Kevin Moore & Larry Patterson) (4:17)
When All God's Children Get To Heaven (feat Wanda Thompson) (5:05)
Be Grateful (feat Traci Clay & Dennis Springer) (8:39)
Review: The spirit of the lord is strong in this recording from May 2, 1982 when the Youthsound Choir and Stage Band performed at Portland's Jefferson High School, with the 100 strong choir ranging from elementary through to high school students. It's a lively, rowdy affair, where the drums power through and the brass lifts your mood and catapults it skywards. You'll certainly know some of the songs - there's a great version of 'The Greatest Love' that so much less sentimental than the original, for instance - but the performances are unique, as is the intimate live atmosphere, captured perfectly here on what was originally a community radio and cable access broadcast.
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 in stock $25.67
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