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Two (heavyweight vinyl 12")
Cat: ADX 013. Rel: 04 Sep 17
  1. The World Demands It (3:42)
  2. Aiming Up (3:48)
  3. Over My Shoulder (4:00)
  4. Waiting On You (3:39)
 in stock $8.24
Cinq (2xLP silkscreened sleeve + mixed CD)
Cat: AD 025. Rel: 06 May 14
Minimal/Tech House
  1. Psynote - "P Funkynote"
  2. Soul Clap - "Cuttin-n-Scratchin"
  3. Anders Zacco - "Dieffenbach Dreams"
  4. Le Loup - "Exposure"
  5. Ark - "Final Disorder"
  6. Leonel Castillo - "Soul"
  7. Alejandro Mosso - "Tiroalaire"
  8. Nail - "Whisper Deep Dub"
  9. Dilo - "Temporal" (intro)
  10. Exos - "With The" (Yagya remix)
  11. Brandub - "Procesos"
  12. Andres Zacco - "El Nino"
  13. Leonel Castillo - "Story Board"
  14. Franco Cinelli - "Pattern O2"
  15. Andres Zacco - "Drawing Clouds"
  16. Pat Fontes - "You Make Me" (Tanner Ross remix)
  17. Alejandro Mosso - "NIghtwalker"
  18. Soul Clap - "Instafix" (Crazy Larry remix)
  19. Fase - "Veo Mi T-Raw-Za" (Sr Replicante remix)
  20. Lexdinamo - "Bobby Drives"
  21. Andres Zacco - "Long Way"
  22. Franco Cinelli & Funzion - "Pure"
  23. John Spring - "Drummachine" (Mike Huckaby remix)
  24. Leonel Castillo - "Minue"
  25. Cape - "Hermone"
  26. Julian Jonah - "Jealousy & Lies"
Review: There's more house minimalisms, bangers and deepness on this deluxe various artist release by Bushwick label AirDop than any one DJ would know what to do with. Psynote delivers some Ron Trent-styled drum-heavy Chicago house while Soul Clap get their loop on with the movin', Daft Punk inspired "Cuttin-n-Scratchin". Deeper cuts come from Andres Zacco, Alejandro Mosso and Nail's chilled out "Whisper Deep Dub". It's Le Loup and Ark that provide the techiest productions here, while Leonel Castillo turns in a warped, gospel inspired drum track that reminiscent of a discombobulated "Never Grow Old" by Robert Hood's Floorplan alias. On top of all this there's an 18-track bonus mix CD featuring other productions from those said names and a lost Yagya remix of Icelandic dub techno anchorite Exos.
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Played by: Le Loup, Exos
 in stock $16.21
Items 1 to 2 of 2 on page 1 of 1


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