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Abstrakce Spain Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Abstrakce Spain
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Qvid Rides
Qvid Rides (limited LP + insert)
Cat: ABST 016. Rel: 22 Jan 21
Quid Rides (4:22)
Tempus Fugit (5:43)
Pax (4:06)
Ultra Vires (4:42)
Ad Hoc (4:04)
Vade In Pace (6:07)
Ipso Facto (5:19)
Locus In Quo (5:23)
Consummatum Est (6:02)
 in stock $20.51
Defragmentierte Assoziationen
Cat: ABST 035. Rel: 30 Nov 23
User-Agent Googlebot (4:43)
Dunkelflaute (5:55)
Ignore Ignorieren Delete Loschen Delete (4:40)
Smart Telekinese (6:06)
Griesel (5:55)
Neuwin Kur Komplex (5:35)
Doppel Jersey (8:22)
Data Morgana (2:52)
 in stock $26.83
The Encyclopedia Of Civilizations Vol 5: Babylon
The Encyclopedia Of Civilizations Vol 5: Babylon (LP in embossed screen-printed sleeve + booklet)
Cat: ABST 033. Rel: 29 Nov 23
Uruk (6:10)
Akkad (7:35)
Ashur (6:02)
Kassaptu (3:30)
Mandragora (16:51)
Review: For the fifth volume of The Encyclopedia of Civilizations, Abstrakce's collection of split LPs - in which selected artists offer insight into fascinating ancient cultures - hears them focus this time on the enigmatic Babylon, visited by two of the label's favourite electronic bands currently active. Berlin-based duo Driftmachine take us on a journey between the ancient cities of Akkad, Uruk and Ashur. Bringing together astonishing electronics with a superb and precise sound - floating somewhere between modular ambient, leftfield, abstract dub - every detail has been carefully crafted to produce a complex architecture. Unconventional tribal rhythms recall obscure rituals, while warm, dynamic pulses contract and expand, interacting on their journey along the sandy roads of the Mesopotamian basin. Afterwards, Glasgow-based project Komodo Kolektif delves into the Babylonian vision of magic through the figures of the Kassaptu (witches and wizards), and the use of Mandragora. A blend of both tribal primitivism and a futuristic vision is provided by their vast arsenal of vintage synths and effects units, Eastern metallophones and traditional hand percussion. This is deep, psychedelic electronics that capture the spirit of ancient Babylonian sacred ceremonies and their vision of the cosmos.
Read more
Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $29.72
Rara Avis
Rara Avis (LP + insert)
Cat: ABST 027. Rel: 22 Dec 22
Night (5:08)
Flesh Of The Spirit (5:10)
From Here To There (2:53)
Wood (4:53)
Mojo (3:08)
Flown Home (2:18)
Take The Waters (4:40)
Baku Toodle (2:38)
What The Goatherd Heard (4:45)
Clay (2:38)
Tuba City (2:26)
Joinery (3:37)
Played by: Stunty
 in stock $26.56
Big Weather
Cat: ABST 028. Rel: 29 Dec 22
Last Words (3:14)
The Happy Isles (4:37)
Their Secret Game (6:30)
River Limba (5:26)
Swimming (3:45)
Exploding White Stars (4:20)
Hot Wire (3:32)
Overlay (3:53)
Dirt Road (3:31)
Played by: GK Machine
 in stock $22.89
Winds Of Change
Winds Of Change (LP + insert)
Cat: ABST 030. Rel: 06 Sep 23
Golden Castle (2:51)
Winds Of Change (3:51)
Water Pools (3:14)
Ancient Mysteries (5:27)
The Journey (4:09)
Equinox (4:20)
Walking On The Stars (6:10)
Treasure Hunt (5:54)
Sky Dancer (2:50)
Rhythm Maker (3:37)
Played by: GK Machine
 in stock $24.72
Filtraciones De Luz
Filtraciones De Luz (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ABST 032. Rel: 07 Sep 23
Distancia Nunca (4:16)
Yacimiento (5:57)
Filtraciones De Luz (4:54)
Progresos Del Retroceso (3:32)
Plan Universal Racional (5:08)
Inclinacion Para Mantos De Caliza (4:29)
Retrocesos Del Progreso (5:27)
Agua Estanca (2:51)
 in stock $25.78
Danza Sin Nexo
Danza Sin Nexo (LP limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ABST 031. Rel: 31 Aug 23
Mantra De Felpa (4:32)
Una Dimension Nitida (5:04)
Danza Sin Nexo (6:18)
Disenado Con Un Fin (5:07)
El Mundo Se Vacia De Cosas (4:55)
Reliquias Del Futuro (6:06)
En Otra Ocasion (5:48)
Nova (4:17)
Played by: GK Machine
 in stock $26.04
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