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Above Board Vinyl & CDs

Browse the latest Vinyl & CD releases on Above Board
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Bushwacka! Presents The Beginning Or The End Part 1
Cat: OTEND 001. Rel: 12 Jul 23
Minimal/Tech House
TPO - "Hiroshi's Dub" (Milo Garage dub mix) (6:27)
Scotti Deep Presents Fathoms NY - "Brooklyn Beats" (4:53)
Metro - "Here For The Love" (Metropolitan Acid mix) (8:19)
Berkana Sowelu - "Solid Fuel" (Morph remix) (6:51)
Killer Loop - "Someone" (Juan Atkins remix) (6:27)
Pure Science - "Brighter Dayz" (7:49)
Circulation - "Scarlet" (mix 2) (9:18)
Aubrey - "Daydream" (5:38)
Review: Bushwacka! deserves any plaudits that come his way. He was there at the birth of acid house and went on to foment his own take on tech house. He held a legendary residency at the End in London and of course dropped countless seminal tunes alongside Layo, not least their epic 'Love Story' mash-up. Now the acclaimed but still relevant UK veteran dives back into his roots to serve up the sounds that came before tech house with highlights that would have been heard at the time at parties like Heart & Soul, Release, The Drop, Vapour Space, and at venues like Heaven and The End. Skippy, dubbed garage and driving house all feature in a fine collection.
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 in stock $33.49
The Beat By Spun: West Coast Breakbeat Rave Electrofunk 1988-1994 Vol 3
Cat: BEATSPUN 003. Rel: 30 Oct 23
Tasti Box - "San Francisco" (7:53)
Mattski - "Live At The Brotherhood" (7:10)
Bass Kittens - "Get A Grip" (Mission St mix) (6:37)
Housebound - "Electro Rhythms" (9:33)
Hawke - "3 Moods In A Purple Garden" (Robbie Hardkiss mix) (6:59)
Trailmix - "Tequilla Sunset" (6:43)
Studio X - "Los Kings Del Mambo" (6:17)
Deep2 - "Sphere" (live dub) (8:00)
Review: New York maestro and Loose Control Band member DJ Spun has served up a superb compilation for Above Board here. It is his third such collection and one that focusses on the specific subject of West Coast breaks, rave and electro funk from the late eighties to mid-cities. It was a fertile scene by this account and one that still sounds current today, right from the blistering open eats and trance-like synths of Tasti Box's 'San Francisco' to Deep2's old school house jacker 'Sphere' which closes out the double pack. In between are plenty of gems, not least the deep and dreamy sounds of Hawke's '3 Moods In A Purple Garden' (Robbie Hardkiss mix).
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! low stock $31.38
Generation Liquid Volume 2
Cat: GENLIQ 002. Rel: 20 Oct 23
Drum & Bass / Jungle
Alix Perez - "Crooklyn" (5:18)
DJ Marky - "Rotation" (feat XRS) (5:12)
High Contrast - "Twilights Last Gleaming" (7:35)
Calibre - "Drowning In You" (5:37)
Calyx & Tee Bee - "Elevate This Sound" (5:18)
Refusal - "Zero T" (Calibre remix) (5:55)
Calibre - "Second Sun" (5:58)
DBridge & Artificial Intelligence - "Odessa" (6:41)
Review: After the success of the first volume, Fabio returns to curate a second round of Generation Liquid featuring the absolute pinnacle of the liquid d&b sound. As a genre which gave rise to a tidal wave of imitators and formula followers, it takes the authority of a legend like Fabio to sift through and present the real deal, whether it's widely hailed classics or hidden treasures that help paint the picture. Soulful, uplifting and driven by d&b's relentless energy, this is another testament to liquid's vital role in the story of breakbeat evolution, featuring legends aplenty from High Contrast to Calibre, DJ Marky to Alix Perez.
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! low stock $29.01
Collected EPs Vol 1
Cat: ABPLP 008. Rel: 28 Aug 23
Minimal/Tech House
Darkness (Shaded In)
Sorcerer (Funky Magus mix)
Semblance (Dim A)
Semblance (Dim B)
Review: Laggy Panteli and Zeno Messis (aka Megalon) were cult techno artists back in the mid-nineties. They released seminal albums like 1994's Pandora's Box and mixed up ambient, Detroit techno, electro, European electronics and their own experiences of London's acid house scene. The good folks at Above Board have been digging in the duo's vaults and put together this collection of all of their best EPs across four crucial sides of vinyl. This is deep, atmospheric techno for the small hours with the likes of skittish rhythmic workout 'Sorcerer' (Funky Magus mix) sitting next to the widescreen acid styles of 'Semblance' (Dim B) and the shimmering leads of future tribal cut 'Transition'.
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 in stock $31.38
The Collected EPs: Volume 2
Cat: ABPLP 009. Rel: 06 Oct 23
Pod (5:58)
Traffik (6:32)
Echno (7:44)
Asteroid (6:32)
Deff (5:57)
Ghost (6:05)
Spook (10:37)
Medusa (5:52)
 in stock $31.38
We Love Your Ears: Optimo 25 Part 1
Cat: OPTIMO 2501. Rel: 31 Jan 24
Brainticket - "Places Of Light" (3:59)
TJ Lawrence - "Fireplay" (5:01)
Robert Rental - "Double Heart" (2:56)
African Head Charge - "No, Don't Follow Fashion" (5:44)
Keith Hudson - "Nuh Skin Up" (7:13)
Smokin Cheeba - "When I Was A Youth" (5:54)
The Wad - "15 Inches" (9:00)
Idjut Boys & Laj - "Foolin' (Beatin On Dave)" (7:00)
JBB Et Soprann - "Tibi Lap" (5:54)
Review: Unusually, Optimo's JD Twitch and Jonny Wilkes have taken the unusual step of not announcing the tracklist for their two-part 25th anniversary compilation ahead of release. Ordering, then, requires a leap of faith, but given the sheer breadth, diversity and quality of the music they've been playing over the last quarter of a decade, there's no doubt we're in safe hands. It's not a 'best of Optimo anthems' collection, or merely a bunch of peak-time favourites; instead, we're promised a mixture of unusual warm-up favourites and confirmed dancefloor workouts in a wide range of style that have long been favourites of the two Glasgow-based DJs - many of which will, inevitably, be slept-on, forgotten or under-appreciated gems.
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 in stock $31.11
We Love Your Ears: Optimo 25 Part 2
Cat: OPTIMO 2502. Rel: 31 Jan 24
Chris & Cosey - "Take Control" (3:03)
Isolators - "Concentrate On Us" (7:32)
Mike Dunn - "Life Goes On" (6:13)
KC Flightt - "Voices" (original dub mix) (9:58)
Faze Action - "Good Lovin'" (Special Disco mix) (6:10)
Hannah Holland - "Ekotypic" (4:17)
Divine - "Shake It Up" (6:07)
XS 5 - "I Need More" (extended dance version) (6:00)
Liquid Liquid - "Optimo" (2:43)
Review: Optimo's JD Twitch and Jonny Wilkes, undoubtedly the UK's most fearless and on-point 'anything goes' DJs, have spent a quarter of a decade building trust with their audience. You can never tell what they might play when you turn up at one of their events, but you know it will be inspired, high-quality, and most likely make you want to dance. With their two-part 25th anniversary compilation (this is part two), they've taken a similar approach, keeping the track-list under wraps until release day while promising a mix of oddball warm-up favourites and floor-focused tracks they love and have played at various points since the start of the century. Given their track record, we can expect forgotten gems, left-of-centre anti-anthems, and unusual party-starting delights.
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Played by: Alexis Le-Tan
 in stock $29.79
Open Up The Night
Open Up The Night (gatefold translucent blue vinyl LP)
Cat: ARDI 4456. Rel: 28 Sep 23
Uplifting Trance
Open The Night (3:06)
Dark Space (3:31)
Antiga (3:12)
Aslan (3:34)
So Alone (3:44)
Adeya (2:44)
Artifical Intelligence (3:50)
Ascend (3:48)
Your Journey (3:42)
Distance (3:48)
Innerpeace (3:45)
Love Me Higher (3:48)
Larus (3:48)
Only You (3:38)
The Story (3:59)
Rhythm Of The Night (5:38)
 in stock $29.53
Happy Land: A Compendium Of Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996 Volume 1
Cat: HLLP 1. Rel: 10 Mar 23
Cabaret Voltaire - "Soul Vine (70 Billion People)" (7:16)
Ultramarine - "Happy Land" (feat Robert Wyat) (7:08)
Thunderhead The Word By Eden - "True Romance" (11:28)
Xeper - "Carceres Ex Novum" (6:45)
Herbert - "Housewife" (5:59)
Liquid Son - "Big Decision" (4:38)
Syzgzy - "Meditation" (6:03)
Review: Ed Cartwright's first compilation, which is landing in two parts (this is the first), celebrates the period between 1992 and '96, when electronic music in Britain was going in a multitude of different directions, and the (ultimately unfulfilled) 'brave new dawn' offered by Blair's New Labour government was still some way off. Cartwright's selections thus flit between gorgeous UK techno (Syzygy's 1992 gem 'Meditation'), sub-heavy post-bleep brilliance (Cabaret Voltaire), classic IDM (the Black Dog's Ken Downie as Xeper), mind-mangling slow acid (Thunderhead's excellent 'True Romance'), anti-Criminal Justice Bill material (Ultramarine's 'Happy Land') and some early Matthew Herbert brilliance ('Housewife'). Throw in extensive liner notes from dance music historian Matt Anniss, and you have a fantastic package.
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 in stock $24.78
Space Part 2
Cat: SPACE PT2. Rel: 03 Apr 23
Funky/Club House
Derrick L Carter - "End Of The Line (Got Change For A $20)" (6:59)
Monolith - "Something Wonderful" (club mix) (7:49)
Smoke City - "Mr Gorgeous (& Miss Curvaceous)" (Mood II Swing vocal mix) (9:09)
Armando - "The Future" (Cajmere Vision) (5:00)
Anneli Drecker - "Sexy Love (Royksopp Romantiske Sloyd)" (6:27)
A Man Called Adam - "The Calling" (Stay with Me vocal mix) (7:23)
Ten City - "That's The Way Love Is" (Underground mix - extended version) (8:07)
Freaks - "Flywithme" (part 1) (6:21)
Review: Space Part 2 is a tribute to the late Kenny Hawkes, described by the label Above Board as London's 'dark lord' of house music. The Night Czar would surely be impressed. Selected and curated by Hawkes' friends, this compilation celebrates the artist's various claims to fame, including his helming of the esteemed night Space at West End venue Bar Rumba, not to mention his bulging backlog of heaters. A happy backstory underlies this compilation - while three years of licensing, sample-clearing and re-editing culminate into a 12-track dedication to the songs that defined Hawkes' lifetime in the booth.
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Played by: DJ Mau Mau, THE REFLEX
 in stock $23.40
Space Part 1
Cat: SPACE PT1. Rel: 27 Feb 23
Deep House
Kenny Hawkes - "Dance For Me" (8:55)
Cine City - "Are You Sure Joe?" (6:04)
J Knights - "The Knock" (5:42)
Quakerman - "Schlamm Me" (6:19)
Round One - "I'm Your Brother" (Chicago Twisted mix) (6:32)
Incognito - "Everyday" (Masters At Work Everydub) (5:24)
The Daou - "Surrender Yourself" (Ballroom mix) (13:12)
Review: Anyone with an ear to the underground will be familiar with the name Kenny Hawkes. The late great house artists had a great influence on the scene and that legacy lives on through close friends such as Classic Music Company boss Luke Solomon, with whom he ran the legendary Wednesday night party Space from 1995-2002. Here Luke has linked up with Space regulars Jonny Rock and Leon Oakey to curate a loveling selected mix of tunes that pay tribute to Hawkes. Space Part 1 is a must for house fans - there is steamy deep stuff from Hawkes himself, post-rave dreamscape material from Cine City, punchy tech house done right and booming, and loopy grooves for dancefloor hypnosis. We hope there will be many more to come after this great first installment.
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 in stock $32.69
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