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Exiles EP (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: AE 06. Rel: 24 Jul 17
  1. Aerials
  2. Phased Out
  3. Exiles
  4. Dialogic
  5. Goosebumps
Review: Thule's dark doppelganger AE Recordings was revived last year with the excellent Freyja EP by NonniMal, and now the saga continues with this devastatingly on-point release from Cold. Much like the vibe on Thule, the music on Thule continues to channel the mood of the icy tundra into refined, modern club tracks, but there's definitely a more sinister intent at work in these tracks from Cold. "Aerials" is a nightmarish chugger loaded with eerie sonics, while "Phased Out" lays down some fine dubby processing over a bed of chilly chord pulses. "Exiles" is a standout track thanks to its crafty groove, coming on a little more housey than its counterparts but still heavier than the average Thule jam.
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Skoven EP (feat Octal Industries remix)
Cat: AE 07. Rel: 12 Mar 18
  1. Rold
  2. Grip
  3. Hvidding
  4. Hvidding (Octal Industries remix)
Review: "On Skoven EP, we have two well respected producers from the Danish techno scene joining forces. On one hand we have Kvadrant, who is responsible for the legendary Tweak FM radio shows and owner of the Kontakt label, and the other hand we have OHM, an Icelandic-born producer who is already well known for his collaborations with Exos and Octal Industries - and regularly serves behind the decks at the legendary Culture Box in Copenhagen.
The release offers three atmospheric glacial dub-techno anthems - and a eternally deep dubby remix from the Icelandic veteran Octal Industries.
ae Recordings - the infamous sublabel of Thule Records was responsible for some of the finest techno releases from Iceland in the early 2000s. With the motherlabel on full throttle, it was ideal to revive the enigmatic junior label as well. The label was known for bringing in fresh winds into the scene - and this latest output does not disappoint.
ae Recordings/Thule Records is considered by many to be a pioneers in the field of dub-influenced techno music and was a starting point for many of Iceland's most renowned electronic musicians. "

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Ooger (reissue) (180 gram vinyl double 12")
Cat: AELP 01R. Rel: 22 Jan 18
  1. Ooger
  2. E.T. Dial Home
  3. The Phuture Is Cow
  4. Zx Spectrum
  5. Oh, The Sky Fell On My Head
  6. As If The Living Were Moving
  7. Matrix Noise
  8. Art Of Wrestling
  9. Old Concepts
Review: As Thule Records and AE Records continue to revive their foundational contributions to the Icelandic techno scene, they return our attention to this golden collaboration between key protagonists Thor and Yagya. With the space provided by an LP, Oz Artists stretch themselves out with all kinds of tempos and moods yet still bound together by that seductive frosty finish that makes the music from Iceland so captivating. At times the tracks take on an old-skool techno stance, not least on the utterly grooving "As If The Living Were Moving", whilst elsewhere you can enjoy low slung oddball sonics a la "The Phuture Is Cow", but the common theme throughout is funk. It may come in strange shapes and sizes, but back in 1998 Oz Artists stumbled upon a style that doesn't show its age one bit.
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