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A Colourful Storm

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Somewhere Else
Somewhere Else (12" limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ACOLOUR 024. Rel: 19 Aug 20
  1. 3 Elements - "Somewhere Else" (7:38)
  2. Tevatron - "Nu-tronik" (5:33)
 in stock $12.07
I Won't Have To Think About You
Cat: ACOLOUR 007. Rel: 15 Nov 17
  1. The Cat's Miaow - "Not Like I Was Doing Anything" (1:44)
  2. The Particles - "Driving Me" (2:21)
  3. The Ampersands - "Affected" (2:33)
  4. Pearly Gatecrashers - "In The Summer" (3:10)
  5. Ya Ya Choral - "Waiting Time" (3:19)
  6. Bart & Friends - "There May Come A Time" (3:03)
  7. Even As We Speak - "I Won't Have To Think About You" (2:32)
  8. Maestros & Dipsos - "Dot" (2:45)
  9. Love Positions - "Light Of Day" (2:29)
  10. Shapiros - "Gone By Fall" (2:17)
  11. Hydroplane - "Completed Extract From The Previous 7"" (4:14)
  12. The Cannanes - "Lamington Lane" (3:55)
Review: Melbourne imprint A Colorful Storm here compile a collection of obscure indie pop gems, mainly from the Australian band the Cat's Miaow and their associated projects. Formed in 1992, the quartet was comprised of members of 'the incestuous Melbourne music scene' - vocalist Kerrie Bolton (formerly of the Beat Poets and Tra La La), guitarist Bart Cummings (from Blairmailer and Girl of the World), bassist Andrew Withycombe (also of Blairmailer, as well as the Ampersands) and drummer Cameron Smith (ex-Girl of the World). Over the years, the band issued a series of cassettes recorded on four-track with local indie label Toytown. Featured here are works by the band and their various side projects, not limited to their experimental offshoot Hydroplane, Bart & Friends and The Shapiros. Also included are tracks by now defunct Sydney outfits Even As We Speak (who recently reformed for a release on Emotional Response) and Pearly Gatecrashers.
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Played by: Dj soFa
 in stock $24.98
Still In My Arms
Still In My Arms (LP + insert)
Cat: ACOLOUR 025. Rel: 19 Mar 20
  1. Gimmik - "Scope" (3:01)
  2. Plod - "Aptaxi" (3:04)
  3. Bauri - "Have No Fear" (3:52)
  4. Num Num - "South Quay" (3:18)
  5. MD - "11" (4:08)
  6. Boc Scadet - "Sel Alterat" (4:30)
  7. Abfahrt Hinwil - "Tech8" (4:10)
  8. Multiplex - "Angles" (Spark mix) (4:04)
  9. Lackluster - "KCLI" (2:38)
  10. Proem - "Your Grandfather Is Dead" (3:58)
Review: A Colourful Storm made the leap from online mix series to record label back in 2016, and they've been carrying some spectacular selections of lesser known electronica heads ever since. The vibe can alter quite drastically release to release, but on Still In My Arms there's a melodic tenderness and preference for delicate beats that makes this oh so pleasant to sink into. Even more fractured pieces like Bauri's excellent "Have No Fear" are ultimately defined by their gentle qualities. There's some emotive electro pleasantries from Num Num and spacious dub glitches from Boc Scadet amongst many other highlights in this soothing and sensitive gathering of digital souls.
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 in stock $22.45
Winter (LP)
Cat: ACOLOUR 029. Rel: 26 Aug 20
  1. Early Winter (20:25)
  2. Late Winter (18:50)
 in stock $22.18
The Bank Of England (reissue)
Cat: ACOLOUR 008. Rel: 19 Apr 18
  1. Joined-up Writing (5:00)
  2. Miss UK (3:13)
  3. Love Yourself (4:12)
  4. By Appointment (2:50)
  5. Marco Polo (4:37)
  6. Jennifer Yeah! (3:29)
  7. Disco Bunny (2:53)
  8. Chadwick (2:13)
  9. Ask The Family (3:36)
  10. Bradford, Texas (3:50)
  11. Angel At My Table (3:07)
 in stock $19.97
Sequence Unity
Cat: ACOLOUR 018. Rel: 09 Oct 19
Deep House
  1. Sequence Unity (4:32)
  2. Le Preset Du Hasard (4:47)
  3. Electro Voice (6:07)
 in stock $15.44
Recurring Horrors
Recurring Horrors (LP + insert)
Cat: ACOLOUR 030LP. Rel: 18 Nov 20
Drum And Bass
  1. Combine (2:18)
  2. Delinquent Dreams (1:34)
  3. Toteninsel (5:32)
  4. Recurring Horrors (4:48)
  5. Frost (1:57)
  6. No Man's Land (9:35)
  7. Blue Hours (5:39)
Review: It's been two years since Christoph de Babalon's last album and in that time his star has only continued to rise. This follow up finds the revered artist digging deep into his old DAT archives to unearth some gems that are so good you will be glad he did. The record kicks off in brutal fashion with crashing breaks and drilling bass before 'Delinquent Dreams' is a relentless flurry of drums with synths that will keep you on edge. Elsewhere the likes of 'Recurring Horrors' make for dense walls of fuzzy noise that totally disorientate you and 'No Man's Land' keeps on with that nightmarish theme. No matter the age of these tracks, they still sound superbly fresh.
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 in stock $20.20
S V1
S V1 (12")
Cat: ACOLOUR 023. Rel: 19 Aug 20
  1. Peter Elflein - "S V1" (7:57)
  2. Schneider & Radecki - "Chic" (5:25)
 in stock $12.34
Seance (LP + insert)
Cat: ACOLOUR 035. Rel: 05 Aug 21
  1. Fairy Baby (2:55)
  2. Quiet Shore (7:45)
  3. Lucky Penny (3:21)
  4. Moody Relish (3:54)
  5. Anzac Day (1:50)
  6. Homage (3:29)
  7. Goodbye (2:41)
New Zealand folk singer Maxine Funke comes good once again on her fourth studio album. The quiet artistry of this record is astounding as the visionary singer-songwriter offers a lover's lament that builds on the softly spoken songcraft of previous records. Ghostly yet organic, beautiful yet heart wrenching, Funke's voice is a distinctive instrument in its own. The lyrics take in observation, adventure, uneasy truths and plenty more. Songs like 'Fairy Baby' and 'Homage' are sensuous and probing while 'Quiet Shore' is a step into Longford guitar and poetry.
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 in stock $22.75
Seance (cassette)
Cat: ACOLOUR 035MC. Rel: 22 Oct 21
  1. Fairy Baby (3:07)
  2. Quiet Shore (7:54)
  3. Lucky Penny (3:27)
  4. Moody Relish (4:02)
  5. Anzac Day (1:53)
  6. Homage (3:31)
  7. Goodbye (2:52)
 in stock $12.64
Kallista Kult
Kallista Kult (limited LP + insert)
Cat: ACOLOUR 016. Rel: 18 Sep 19
  1. The Earth Did A Line (8:02)
  2. When I Splice Into You (5:49)
  3. Creature Feature (Spinoza version) (5:41)
  4. Who Do I Tell (5:56)
Played by: Brokntoys
 in stock $17.41
KLON 001
KLON 001 (12" + insert)
Cat: KLON 001. Rel: 02 Dec 21
  1. Verklarte Dumpster (5:41)
  2. Klon Mundo - Klon Domo (7:50)
 in stock $12.64
Tangerine (LP + insert + postcard)
Cat: ACOLOUR 036. Rel: 20 Jan 22
  1. Deep Sea Fish (2:52)
  2. The Deep Valley Of Shadow (2:48)
  3. We May Be (3:15)
  4. Kanakana (3:08)
  5. Homeless (3:07)
  6. Tangerine (3:56)
  7. The Swallow II (4:01)
  8. When Seeing The Setting Sun Alone (4:52)
 in stock $21.33
Integrier Dich Du Yuppie
Cat: ACOLOUR 009. Rel: 24 Jan 18
Drum And Bass
  1. Integrier Dich Du Yuppie (9:22)
  2. Samwers In The Uferhallen (5:46)
  3. ...Careful Development Without Haste (5:59)
Review: According to the accompanying press release, Mark's latest 12" for occasional home A Colourful Storm was inspired by the issue of gentrification in Berlin, and in particular the sale of noted studio space Ufferhallen (currently hoke to some 50 artists) to a property developer. Mark, quite rightly, isn't happy - hence the borderline aggression and pent-up rage of opener "Integrier Dich Du Yuppie", where he contrasts an elastic bassline and snappy rhythm with sorrowful chords and poignant electronics. Flip for the gnarled, Exit-does-neurofunk throb of the bleep-boasting "Scamwers in the Ufferhallen" and "Careful Development Without Haste", a shot of discordant, industrial-tinged ambient experimentalism that offers an interesting alternative to the dancefloor fare showcased elsewhere.
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 in stock $10.39
Power Relations
Power Relations (140 gram vinyl 12")
Cat: ACOLOUR 002. Rel: 13 Jun 16
  1. Glass Fist (reprise)
  2. Heads & Ordinary Concrete
Review: Moopie's A Colourful Storm label launched earlier this year as an extension of the popular online platform that has hosted a rich and diverse stream of mixes from the likes of Imaginary Softwoods, DJ Nobu, Frak and Rabih Beaini to name a few. Pro-tip: do check that latter live mix from the Morphine boss! It was the archival sounds of Denial and their lost Oz classic cover of "California Dreaming" that heralded the arrival of A Colourful Storm, but this second release on the label switches the focus to more contemporary fare. Power Relations is a two track 12" of bad-mannered, f*cked up club trax from Melbourne's Nerve. The stomping, nocturnal techno of the title track is backed with a Photek-meets-Sunn O))) terror stepper entitled "Heads & Ordinary Concrete". For fans of Regis, Emptyset and Blackest Ever Black.
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$7.86 SAVE 65%
 in stock $2.75
Quisite (12")
Cat: ACOLOUR 019. Rel: 09 Oct 19
Deep House
  1. Recept - "Quisite" (8:14)
  2. Tom Churchill - "Loss Leader" (5:07)
 in stock $13.19
Swimming Amongst The Dregs
Swimming Amongst The Dregs (LP limited to 250 copies)
Cat: ACOLOUR 031. Rel: 03 Dec 20
  1. So Much Unlicked Air (4:48)
  2. Makeshift Visions (4:11)
  3. Where Are The Real Ones? (5:51)
  4. Thousand Year Old Heart (8:31)
  5. All Wretch, No Vomit (2:49)
  6. It's All Gone Sideways (4:10)
 in stock $18.53
Weisheit Aus Des Kindes Mund Tut Uns Stets Die Wahrheit Kund
Weisheit Aus Des Kindes Mund Tut Uns Stets Die Wahrheit Kund (hand-numbered LP + postcard limited to 300 copies)
Cat: ACOLOUR 034. Rel: 27 May 21
  1. Der Luftbusen Des Kleinen Fritz (5:05)
  2. Der Tode Von Allen Der Welt (4:47)
  3. Das Gruselschiff Des Kleinen Fritz (6:04)
  4. Geldmopser Ohrenkitzler (3:40)
  5. An Die Hohe Nacht (20:47)
Review: 22 years into his career, German experimentalist Ditterich Von Euler Donnersperg (real name Ulrich Rehberg) continues to deliver surprising and worthy releases. His first outing on A Colourful Storm is another fine addition to his sizable discography, offering decidedly odd and often abstract electronic music that frequently flits between hallucinatory ambient, quirky modular minimalism and spacey electronics - often with the accompaniment of spoken word vocals from what we suspect may be his young daughter. The set's undisputed highlight is the 21-minute B-side, a deep space, dub techno-influenced ambient soundscape that could be the soundtrack to a dystopian sci-fi flick.
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 in stock $20.20
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