AIAIAI x Charlotte de Witte TMA-2 KNTXT Edition review

A limited-edition collab with a techno superstar reminds us why we’re fans of AIAIAI’s stylish modular headphones.


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Pioneer DDJ-FLX6 review

Aimed at simplifying the process of mixing a range of different music, the FLX6 is a new departure for the industry-leading DJ brand.


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Modern Classics: Midi Fighter 64 review

This ultra-simple controller quickly became essential for DJs and performers who need something tougher than conventional pads.


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Pioneer CDJ-3000 review

The timing might not be ideal, but Pioneer’s new flagship CDJ looks set to be the new industry standard once nightlife resumes. Greg Scarth finds out more.


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Gemini MXR-01 BT review

Gemini’s new entry-level mixer makes the ideal starting point for anyone getting into DJing.


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Gakken Toy Record Maker Kit review

Cut your own wax with this unique Japanese kit. The results may be lo-fi, but it’s the most fun we’ve had in ages.


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Pioneer DJM-S11 review

The long-awaited replacement for the brand’s DJM-S9 offers a huge improvement over Pioneer’s previous flagship scratch mixer.


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Gemini SDJ-4000 review

Gemini’s long-awaited standalone controller offers pro features at a good price. Greg Scarth puts it to the test.


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Evermix EvermixBox4 review

Compact, simple and user-friendly: is the EvermixBox 4 the best way to record DJ sets? Greg Scarth checks it out.


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Omnitronic EQ-25 MK2 review

Omnitronic’s DJ-focused EQ allows you to shape and sculpt the balance of tracks. Greg Scarth finds out how it can help improve your mixes.


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Pioneer HDJ-CUE1 review

Pioneer’s latest headphones are aimed at newcomers to DJing. How does the new budget HDJ model compare to its more expensive siblings?


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ARS Model 4100 review

Hand-built in Japan with a focus on ultimate sound quality, Alpha Recording System’s rotary DJ mixers are the audiophile choice. Greg Scarth gets his hands on the Model 4100.


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Pro-Ject VC-S2 ALU review

Pro-Ject’s premium record cleaner is our favoured option for keeping your records clean, improving sound quality and extending the lifespan of your stylus.


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Pioneer DJM-V10 review

Is it just another DJ mixer or a whole new way of thinking? Here’s why Pioneer’s new flagship is a statement of intent.


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Sennheiser HD25 Light review

Updated for 2020, Sennheiser’s HD25 Lights now sound almost identical to the more expensive models in the range.


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Technics EAH DJ1200 review

The latest DJ headphones from Technics take a defiantly old-school approach. We find out how they sound and how they compare to rivals from AIAIAI and Sennheiser.


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Numark DJ2Go2 Touch review

As one of the cheapest ways to get into DJing, Numark’s mini controller is ideal for beginners.


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Reloop RMX10BT review

New affordable DJ mixer from Reloop has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

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Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol S3 DJ Controller review

The latest Traktor DJ controller from Native Instruments introduces a new mid-range option. Is this the best value Traktor controller on the market?


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Omnitronic TRM-202 MK3 rotary DJ mixer review

Omnitronic’s TRM202 is one of the most affordable rotary DJ mixers on the market, but how does it stand up to pricier models?


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