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Premiere: Federico Albanese & Tara Nome Doyle – ‘Too Lost To Be Found’

Federico Albanese & Tara Nome Doyle premiere the first fruit of their new collaboration, ‘Too Lost To Be Found’

ben ayres  press

Italian composer and pianist Federico Albanese and Irish/Norweigan singer-songwriter Tara Nome Doyle have shared the first fruit of their collaboration – ‘Too Lost To Be Found’ – exclusively with Juno Daily.

The track is taken from an upcoming four-track EP which will be released in July on Mercury KX, called ‘The Moments We Keep’. The name is a reference to Virginia Woolf’s concept of relative time, and her interest in fleeting moments.

Lyrically, the tracks concern moments that might have seemed ordinary at the time, but which stick with us, reflecting upon the intangible qualities of time.

As Tara Nome Doyle explains of the track, “(Too Lost To Be Found) is a track about the strange sensation of being overwhelmed with a situation and realising that you’ve been at the exact same point before, experiencing the same problems and finding the same solutions. We recognise that there is this mental amnesia that creeps in while we’re not looking, luring us back into old patterns, because there is a peculiar comfort in going back to what we know, even when we know it hurts.”

Tara and Federico also spoke on what compelled them to work together on the EP’s songs. Tara said, “I met Federico at Vox-Ton studio whilst recording my sophomore record. Getting to know him during the recording process, I instantly felt a sense of comfort and mutual understanding. And so, when the opportunity arose to make a collaborative EP, I was very excited. Writing to his compositions, I experienced such a sense of ease and natural symbiosis. I love the spaciousness and flow of Federico’s music and it has given me many new impulses and ideas for my song writing. It often felt as if my vocal melodies and lyrics just fell into place between his rich arrangements, as if they had always been there, waiting to be found. Everything about creating ‘The Moments We Keep’ felt very organic and serendipitous.”

Federico said: “Tara is an extraordinarily talented artist. I was overhearing her voice while she was working close to my studio. There is depth, fullness, it is gentle and powerful at the same time. Something of beauty really. I remember back then, thinking how magical it could be to work together. I wanted to compose something that would leave as much space as possible for her vocals to manifest in the most sensible way. She has embraced my piano compositions and enriched them with incredible multi layered tones”.