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ADDAC System welcome 2021 with new looper and granular sampler

The ADDAC112 offers extensive voltage control and hands-on manipulation of digital sounds.


ADDAC System have unveiled their first new module of 2021. The ADDAC112 VC Looper & Granular Sampling is a two-part module, with the 112A providing all the controls and the 112B handling audio and CV in and out.

In ADDAC’s words:

In a loose description digital Granular refer to pieces of sound files being played at the same time with slight or completely different parameters originating what is commonly referred to as granular clouds.

Normally there’s a buffer size from which the granular engine snips it’s pieces from and plays them
according to the parameters set. This buffer size is normally small in size where grains are so small that can reach the hearing spectrum and be heard as a sort of ever changing complex wavetable, this is the principle behind granular synthesis.

In our vision we added the possibility of long buffer sizes up to 5 minutes, allowing “softer” approaches to the granular principle using it as an effect that can generate from “accidental” effects like slight “stutters” to extreme processing and transformation of any incoming audio signal.

The ADDAC System ADDAC112 is expected in spring, priced at £569.99. Scroll down to see the brand’s recent ADDAC506 VC Stochastic Function Generator in action.

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