Turn it up to 11: Pioneer unveil new DJM-S11 mixer

Scratch DJs will welcome the successor to the DJM-S9.

Not long after the unveiling of the brand’s new CDJ-3000 media players, Pioneer DJ have announced another major product release. The DJM-S11 is the successor to the S9 as the flagship scratch mixer

Visually, the S11 is very similar to the S9, apart from the fact that, well… it’s all slightly different. The new touchscreen is the obvious addition, slotting in where the master and booth level controls used to be. Serato integration is also even more thorough this time around, thanks to features like the new Scratch Bank, which lets you load samples and tracks quickly. Four-deck controls, an improved Marvel Fader Pro, bigger performance pads and new Smooth Echo effect hint at more of the changes on board.

The Pioneer DJM-S11 is expected to arrive in January priced at £1,809. Scroll down to see DJ Scratch put it through its paces courtesy of Serato.

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