ALM Busy Circuits unveils new Boss Bow Two voltage-controlled switch module

The updated version of the brand’s 2014 Boss Bow Tie module introduces some powerful new clocking features.


Hot on the heels of the recent System Coupe release, ALM/Busy Circuits have announced an updated version of their discontinued Boss Bow Tie module. The new Boss Bow Two is still an eight-way bidirectional voltage-controlled switch, but a few nice updates make it a more versatile module than the original.

The bidirectional setup of the BB2 means it allows you to switch one input signal (audio or CV) to any of eight outputs, or switch up to eight inputs to one output.

The main difference is the way the new version can work in three different modes. Address mode is the equivalent of the original module, routing via the offset knob or a CV signal. The new Step mode steps sequentially through each routing with a clock pulse, while Strobe mode holds the routing of the CV signal until it receives another clock pulse. A new reset input acts as a master on/off control in Address and Strobe mode, or a traditional sequencer reset in Step mode.

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The ALM Boss Bow Two will be available very soon, priced TBC. Scroll down to see more of the original Boss Bow Tie in action.

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