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Rezzett – Doyce

If bands like Animal Collective or Throbbing Gristle made techno they’d probably fit comfortably on The Trilogy Tapes, a label that consistently pushes experimental electronic music in an interesting direction. The first vinyl release on TTT back in 2010, Dro Carey’s Venus Knock, set the tone for sparse rhythms and distorted rumbles driven by percussion so real you could reach out and touch it. Since then Will Bankhead’s label has continued to explore the outer fringes of techno and beyond, cultivating a sound personified by weighty sub-bass, erratic drums and imposing percussive licks saturated in distortion.

Rezzett - Doyce
The Trilogy Tapes
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Rezzett epitomise this sound with harsh textures and playful synth work, something that’s become synonymous with both the label and the production unit. Since their initial release in 2013 we’ve heard a variety of moods and tempos framed within the consistently raw Rezzett aesthetic. Their latest TTT release, Doyce, marks another interesting progression, delivering gritty, dominating frequencies as well as fresh, captivating soundscapes.

“Doyce” opens the record with creepy piano work that’s unsettlingly immersive. The constant stream of progressive notes cradle the warm, glowing pads while punishing percussion pervades the entire arrangement. Captivating keys immediately draw to mind modern composers like Philip Glass or Steve Reich, creating carefully executed strands of sound that keep their individual value while contributing to the larger picture. The beat eventually comes forth from the peak of tonal warmth, adding to the typically gritty texture we’ve come to expect from Rezzett. The track makes a foray into relatively unchartered territory for the producer, opting for a slower pace framed within his signature, saturated sound.

A Yavas version of “Doyce” completes the record, enticing the listener with a slightly rougher version of the same unsettling progression. This score demands your attention, creating a darker interpretation of the original composition with subtle distortions and crashing percussion. Coarse tones weave hypnotic patterns that relentlessly impose themselves within your mind. The pads phase between subtle warmth and imposing distortion, gently ushering the listener across a sonic landscape composed of both light and dark elements. “Doyce Yavas” demonstrates an excellent middle ground for the label, remaining true to the abrasive techno we’ve come to expect while also offering a quality interpretation of modern day classical compositions. Doyce marks yet another progressive step for an excellent production unit and an outstanding label.

Frank Mitchell


A1. Doyce
B1. Doyce Yavas