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Benjamin Brunn presents Plastic Album


The Hamburg producer returns to London’s Third Ear Recordings with a new LP.

In recent years we can thank Guy McCreery’s Third Ear Recordings for giving us great records by Wbeeza, MGUN, Norm Talley and Thomas Brinkmann, in addition to recent releases by Brendon Moeller and Alland Byallo. Germany’s Benjamin Brunn has been a regular feature in Third Ear’s discography over the years too, with the Hello Ammmerika EP in 2011 – featuring great spoken word ambient cut “No Kicks” – to his A Sun Life LP released a year later. Following an album on Area’s spray painted Kimochi label last year and that wonderful Live At Golden Pudel Club ‎12″ (and CD) for Smallville, Brunn returns to Third Ear with an eight-track LP called Plastic Album.

As Third Ear proudly write, we can expect “clear plastic records in a clear plastic gatefold sleeve,” which they say is “bursting with fat, glistening, gorgeous sounds,” from Brunn’s trademark Nord Modular synth and Roland TR-808. The album’s final track goes some way to reference Welsh festival Freerotation while the rest of the LP presents a new selection of dubby, synth drenched house cuts perfect for capturing that European summer vibe.

Third Ear Recordings will release Plastic Album by Benjamin Brunn in September.

Plastic album


1. Plastic
2. I Am Not Ill
3. Young Flashy
4. Dani
5. Developers Live
6. Raider Not Twixt
7. Springers
8. Freerotation

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