Heinrich Mueller & The Exaltics conclude the Hubble Telescope trilogy

Solar One round out their conceptual series with an album overseen by the electro duo called Spiralgalaxie.

Inaugurated by Italian producer Luxus Varta with some help from Detroit Grand Pubah’s Paris The Black Fu last December, Solar One’s Hubble-themed trilogy of releases has gone on to facilitate the welcome return of Gerard Hanson. His Ancient Light 12″ for the Solar One series as E.R.P. arriving before Hanson graced Acido with an even rarer outing as Convextion. Both these 12″s have in truth set the scene for the final act from Solar One with founding Drexciya member Gerald Donald long-mooted to be involved under his Heinrich Muller alias.

After a visual teaser from Solar One a few months back, full details of this closing installment have now been revealed and it sees Heinrich Muller and The Exaltics explore the themes of the Hubble under the joint banner of Project STS-31. Taking the title Spiralgalaxie, the 13-track features collaborative productions from the duo as STS-31 as well as solo tracks under their artist names and associated aliases. There is even a rare outing for Crotaphytus, the joint production venture of Solar One founders Robert Witschakowski and Nico Jagiella.

A press release from Solar One Music states “the final chapter of the series is dedicated solely to Hubble and all the great scientists and engineers at the NASA and ESA” and you can hear how this translates musically on the below previews. Interested parties should note that the vinyl edition of Spiralgalaxie will feature only 8 of the tracks from the album.

Solar One will release Spiralgalaxie by Project STS-31 on September 5.

Vinyl Tracklisting:

A1. Project STS-31 – Spiralgalaxie
A2. The Exaltics – NGC 253
A3. Heinrich Mueller – Adaptive Optics
A4. Robert Heise – Stars, Gases and Dust
B1. Der Zyklus – Ionospheric Delay_Short Version
B2. Project STS-31 – 50,000 light-years away
B3. Rudolf Klorzeiger – Globular Cluster
B4. Crotaphytus – Diving through the Oceans of GJ 1214 b

CD Tracklisting:

01. Project STS-31 – Spiralgalaxie
02. The Exaltics – NGC 253
03. Heinrich Mueller – Adaptive Optics
04. Robert Heise – Stars, Gases and Dust
05. Der Zyklus – Ionospheric Delay_Short Version
06. Project STS-31 – 50,000 light-years away
07. Rudolf Klorzeiger – Globular Cluster
08. Crotaphytus – Diving through the Oceans of GJ 1214 b
09. Project STS-31 – Density Waves
10. The Exaltics – Messier 81
11. Project STS-31 – The Supermassive Black Hole
12. Robert Heise – The survey of the entire sky
13. Der Zyklus – Ionospheric Delay (extended alternate bonus version)

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