J. Albert debuts on 1080p

The Exotic Dance co-founder will continues his label-hopping adventures with the Strictly J 12″ for the Vancouver crew.

There has been a direct line discernible between Vancouver and NYC from the earliest days of 1080p, with the label seeking out the likes of Luke Wyatt and Michael McGregor to provide M/M and Infiniti tapes within the lifespan of their first ten or so tapes. Sidenote: both Wyatt and McGregor no longer reside in the 5 boroughs. More recently, Via App and Sasha Jan Rezzie have provided the tools for 1080p’s ever on-point 12″ series and its another NYC resident that is next in line to contribute in the shape of J. Albert.

Co-founder of the Exotic Dance label alongside Person Of Interest, J. Albert has been making moves with releases on Black Opal, Cult Trip and Lovers Rock over the past 18 months. His 12″ for 1080p continues the stylistic tropes explored on those previous releases, with hints of Terekke’s haze, the breakbeat manipulation of Acting Press and a grasp of melody similar to A. Naples. Entitled Strictly J, the four-track 12″ is due out next month and can be previewed below.

1080p will release Strictly J by J. Albert on July 15.


A1. Pangs
A2. All In
B1. Strictly J
B2. For SOHO

1080p on Juno / Junodownload