Youth Stand Up gets remixed

JD Twitch, General Ludd, Auntie Flo and Midland rework tracks from last year’s album for the latest Autonomous Africa release.

Last year’s Youth Stand Up! album for JD Twitch’s Autonomous Africa label was the end product of a year-long recording project. Initiated by Twitch and Green Door Studios founders Emily MacLaren, Stuart Evans and Sam Smith, local Glaswegian bands including Golden Teacher, Whilst, Vudu Zoo, J-Jems and Froth embarked on a cross-cultural reach-out programme with children from the Lebeha Drumming Centre in Hopkins, Belize and the Tafi Cultural Institute in Tafi Atome, Ghana. Matt Anniss wrote a rather glowing review of Youth Stand Up! here, whilst Autonomous Africa’s charitable focus was retained with proceeds from the album fed back to the Lebeha Drumming Centre and Tafi Cultural Institute.

News now arrives Autonomous Africa are planning to revisit the album, with label founder Twitch joined by regular contributors Midland, Auntie Flo and the excellent General Ludd in remixing tracks. Due out at the end of summer, you can preview all four reworks below with the playful Ludd remix an immediate favourite here. The Lebeha Drumming Centre and Tafi Cultural Institute will once again benefit from any sales of the 12″.

Autonomous Africa will release Youth Stand Up Remixes by Various Artists in late-August.


A1. Come With Me (A JD Twitch mix)
A2. Beat The Drum (Auntie Flo mix)
AA1. Tsorna (Midland mix)
AA2. Tuteme Meets Tafi Atome at 58 ft Mococo (General Ludd mix)

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