Observe Sissel Wincent’s Investigation

The debutant producer commissioned a video for her EP on Peder Mannerfelt Produktions.

Even if his label may be self-titled, Peder Mannerfelt has already displayed his interest in pushing the work of other artists. The many-sided Roll The Dice man has already released 12”s from Klara Lewis and Machine Woman in the past couple of years, bolstering the burgeoning catalogue of his own material that recently progressed to the Controlling Body album. Sissel Wincent is an artist and Drömfakulteten collective member unfamiliar to most, with no hitherto released music for the curious to check out, but she has been performing live sets around her native Sweden for some time.

The Illusion Of Randomness EP is a five-track affair that has already charmed keen followers of Mannerfelt’s activities, and it’s not hard to understand why given the wayward, gritty techno abstractions that issue forth from it. Seeing as Wincent has an established form in the live arena, one can only assume that there will plenty more material to come in the near future. For the mean time though, fill your boots with a video for “Investigation” from the release, commissioned by Wincent herself and executed by motion designer and fellow Drömfakulteten artist Lois Nygren. It’s an icy, synthetic CGI world interspersed with analogue interference that Nygren has created to accompany the track, neatly reflecting the nature of the music itself.