Acronym reaches Guadalquivir


The Spanish river inspires the Swedish producer’s latest Northern Electronics offering. 

With Denmark’s Posh Isolation helping Northern Electronics keep Scandinavian industrial music at the forefront of techno heads’ mind, the latter have brought back an old faithful to steer their sound back into club territory. Following a debut album by Abdullah Rashim’s abstract industrial alias Lundin Oil, a slew of 10″ releases and another D.Å.R.F.D.H.S. album, Northern Electronics welcomes back label utility Acronym. After first emerging with several records on his own Dimensional Exploration label, Acronym aligned with Northern Electronics in 2013 with the River Red Gum EP. Two further records for Northern Electronics followed, punctuated by Acronym debuting on Svreca’s Semantica label with 2014’s Yggdrasil.

Acronym now keeps up appearances with a new four-track session called Guadalquivir which references what a quick google calls “the fifth longest river in the Iberian peninsula.” It provides the Swedish producer with his first release since June, Acronym’s debut album from last year which followed a cassette LP called MU. Two tracks from the EP have surfaced online which you can preview below that showcase both Acronym’s caustic and colourful sides to his productions.

Northern Electronics will release Guadalquivir by Acronym on June 27.



A1. Purity
A2. Floating
B1. Constant Flow
B2. Cleansed in Fire

Northern Electronics on Juno

Header image courtesy of Andreas Lübeck