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Public System sign up Buttechno


The Russian producer provides the Franco-Australian label with a second release. 

Consecutively run by Matthieu Foltyn and Eric Strykert out of Paris and Melbourne, Public System Recordings was inaugurated last year with a split EP by DJ Spider and fellow American producer Grey People. With the label still finding its feet they’ve called upon Russian hot shot Buttechno to supply Public System with a second release approximately 12 months after they first surfaced, coaxing four originals cuts from Pavel Milyakov and a remix from Berceuse Heroique and Shipwrec heavyweight Ekman.

Entitled Tepliy Stan (Тёплый Стан), it follows Buttechno’s impressive turn on the fledging Parisian label Collapsing Market with the three-track 7 7″ following several well-received self-released records, of note last year’s СПОРТ album in addition to a 14-track LP for Sex Lies Magnetic Tape. Jam-packed as always, Buttechno latest instalment of grubby Russian techno takes in a distorted Ekman remix of shuffling lead cut “Strainn”, while the B-side flirts with dub techno, electro and classic 909 sequences. Preview the sounds for yourself below.

Public System will release Tepliy Stan by Buttechno on June 27.



A1. Strainn
A2. Strainn (Ekman remix)
B1. Trance T
B2. Augustus 13
B3. Lady D

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