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COR.S and Proto bring fresh wares to Where To Now?

The label drops a double salvo of fresh cassette wares from lesser-known talents.

When you look back through the swathes of releases that Where To Now? managed to issue in 2015, by comparison the first half of 2016 has appeared to be quite measured in comparison. Granted, many of last year’s releases were cassettes issued in limited numbers, but that’s not to say the quality of the Brighton operation has dipped in favour of quantity. There has certainly been a greater focus on vinyl transmissions more recently, from Nicola Ratti’s Pressure Loss and Ketev’s Traces Of Weakness albums through to Melly’s Flying Ducks single, but the largest amount of interest and praise has been foisted upon the stunning Genau House single from our very recent podcaster Machine Woman.

Now Where To Now? are returning to spool-based media with two new releases that shine a light on relatively unfamiliar names, in keeping with the adventurous A&Ring the label is known for. COR.S is up first with a self-titled album reportedly recorded in Mexico last year using a simple combination of keyboards, pedals and sequencing. There’s little information out there about the artist, referred to in the notes as Allan V.A., but they were spotted on the Points/One compilation for Spanish label Go Finger alongside Das Ding and others. Proto, credited as Jack Pepper, meanwhile seems to have emerged from out of nowhere, and presents the six-strong Vitamin Tracs tape as his debut release. From the haunting ambience of the former to the gossamer-techno delicacies of the latter, it’s a strong pair of offerings from an ever-trustworthy label. Take a listen to the wonderful “Vitamin A3” by Proto in the SoundCloud player below.

Where To Now? will release s/t by COR.S and Vitamin Tracs by Proto on June 13.

COR.S – s/t tracklisting:

1. Amaral
2. Amarula
3. Wondjina
4. Ámbar
5. (C)
6. Lion Dance
7. 2+2 Times
8. Montón De Guajes
9. Up Cid

Proto – Vitamin Tracs tracklisting:

1. Vitamin A1
2. Vitamin A2
3. Vitamin A3
4. Mineral A1
5. Mineral A2
6. Mineral A3

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