Optimo Music introduces Fred Und Luna

Fred und Luna

The Scottish label celebrate “concerning songs that are basically Kraut mixed with electronic elements” on the upcoming Glück Auf.

It’s become common knowledge to never boil down the music coming out via Optimo Music as simply disco or any other base-genre. In recent years, the label has exploded with Green Door Studio graduates Golden Teacher colliding dub with post punk and freestyle, to recent issues of Pacific easy listening by Bali Ha’i and proto-hardcore from Bryn Jones, aka Muslimgauze. JD Twitch’s label now ventures into the retrograde world of ‘Krautelektro’ steered by German curio Rainer Buchmüller (or Sugar Ray Buckmiller as he’s sometimes known), whose mannequin aesthetic rivals that of Different Fountains, with a four-track EP called Gluck Auf.

Hailing from Karlsruhe, the Rhineland of Germany, Buchmüller’s Fred Und Luna project is said to pay tribute to his favourite electronic oriented music by juxtaposing characteristics like repetition and melody into a contemporary context to preserve subtle and seductive charm. A press release reads: “Fred und Luna play their self-described Elektrokraut (concerning songs that are basically Kraut mixed with electronic elements) and Krautelektro (which is Elektro mixed with Kraut elements).” You can preview Herr Buchmüller’s’s Optimo Music debut below for a better idea of this Electrokraut style ahead of its arrival next month.

Optimo Music will release Gluck Auf by Fred und Luna on June 17.

Fred Und Luna Pacshot


A1. Gluck Auf
A2. Geh Nie Zurück
B1. Im Modehaus
B2. Monotonikum

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