EDMX brings Half Life to Power Vacuum

The acid flies thick and fast in the government-endorsed video clip.

It’s plain to see that UK electro veteran Ed Upton has struck upon a fine and productive working relationship with Power Vacuum over the past couple of years. Considering his usual funky styles, it was initially something of a surprise to see the man best known as DMX Krew or Ed DMX rocking up to Milo Smee’s gnarly techno label with the pounding brutality of Cerberus. Having followed it up with the Frozen Stomp 12” as well, the electro mainstay has demonstrated just how comfortable he is bashing out rough and tough styles as well.

It has been a good three years since Upton was last seen on PV though, and he returns to the label in a fit of snarling hardware hassle in the shape of the Mind Mechanixx EP. Scheduled to land later this month, the new 12” sports five tracks that move between jackhammer techno and more reflective electronica, but all within that rowdy Power Vacuum remit. As has been tradition with all of the label’s releases, a suitably freaky lo-fi video has been put together to accompany “Half Life (Acid Mix)”, and it features the thoroughly unsettling image of the current UK chancellor’s face contorting and dismantling to a soundtrack of savage drum machine abuse. You can listen to clips of the EP here, and enjoy the video clip in the player below, ahead of the release date on May 24.