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Huntleys + Palmers shine a light on the Glasgow scene

The free Clyde Built compilation showcases some of the freshest talent in the city right now.

Glasgow manages the tricky feat of being a city with a recognisably vibrant and productive scene without inspiring the hype that other urban enclaves around the world seem to attract. From the vital role the city played in the ‘90s techno scene through to today’s eclectic array of bands, producers and DJs, Scotland’s second city has always been on point with its music, without making too much of a fuss about it. Perhaps these days the city gets a little more of a nod thanks to well-travelled flag-bearers such as the Optimo lot, and Huntleys + Palmers equally have been representative of the varied styles and influences feeding into and out of Glasgow. Still, from an external perspective it’s hard sometimes to get a fix on the more underground factions operating in a city at any one time.

Praise be then for Huntleys + Palmers in putting together Clyde Built. The 22-track free-download compilation is about as perfect a primer on the essential Glasgow artists to be checking as you could wish for. The styles range from soulful deep house courtesy of Italia90 through to tropical distortion tones from Dices + Aem Rhythm Cascade, Throbbing Gristle-inspired grittiness from The Modern Institute and potty-mouthed low-riding electro RnB from Fem Bitch Nation. It’s a diverse ride that instantly leaves you imagining this wealth of talent spread across one city shaping out a thoroughly vibrant scene. The compilation has been put together in honour of a party H+P and Highlife are doing with Boiler Room on May 4. You can grab Clyde Built from this very Bandcamp page or stream it via the SoundCloud player below, and find out more about the event here.